2010 Aston Martin DB9 Volante: Topless on South Beach

Written by Kimatni Rawlins & Brian Armstead

The urge to drop your top on South Beach in beautiful Miami, Florida can be quite strong, especially if you’ve got the goods that folks want to check out. Well tanned leathers, metallic paint splashed with the rays of the Sun, a sensuous body, complete with lithe, athletic styling and a tight rear deck that would make any design enthusiast proud.

It’s hard not to make a comparison between a tight, topless bod and the new DB9 Volante, as both are prevalent on South Beach. It’s a place where if you want to be seen, you must represent. As I cruised with Automotive Rhythms’ CEO Kimatni Rawlins (K-Raw), we approached traffic lights armed with impressive machinery like Italy’s Lamborghini Gallardo, Benz’s SL and Germany’s BMW 6-Series Convertible. But they all were forced to bow at the temple of Aston Martin, as twelve cylinders, hand crafted styling and open air trumped them all.

So what’s the allure of Aston-Martin? Just ask Sean, Roger, Pierce or Daniel. James Bond characters over the years have used the British supercar to fend off assaults from evil-doers, and capture the hearts of some of the world’s most beautiful women.

The magic of the 2010 DB9 Volante was almost as if we were Bond behind the wheel!

Let’s listen in to Brian and K-Raw as they cruise Ocean Drive:

K-Raw: In Miami you have to elevate your game like Kobie and LeBron in the NBA, like Drew Breeze and Peyton Manning in the NFL, and like Usain Bolt and Osafa Powell in track.

Brian: Even though we’re amongst Ferraris, Lambos and SLs we don’t have that problem!

K-Raw: The 6.0-liter V12 is a beast. It brings back memories of the DBS we first experienced in Dallas a few years ago during its US launch.

Brian: But I would bet money your Aston in Dallas didn’t spawn any flashers!

K-Raw: The camouflaged navi screen flips up from the sloping dash. The real wood is a nice touch, but more should be placed somewhere else to match up.

Brian: Agreed. And it’s hard to read the navi as we pass “cruise ship row” at 120 mph in fourth gear!

K-Raw: I love the Bang & Olufsen sound system. The rising tweeters are a nice touch, and it has enough power to be commanding even with the top down.

Brian: Reggae music and Aston Martin + 700 watts = One fun time on South Beach!

Powering the DB9 is the aforementioned V12. Sixty miles per hour comes up in a flash. Variable exhaust with rev matching on downshifts means performance and thumbs up from drivers alongside who think your fancy footwork on the clutch and throttle are responsible for the sexy sounds.

Dropping the top requires only 15 seconds, short enough for you to make a statement at a South Beach traffic light. Ride quality is excellent, and belies the supercar capabilities of the DB9 Volante.

As one would expect from a luxury sportscar, many variations of the DB9 Volante theme are available. Simply work with your Aston Martin consultant to create a DB9 worthy of your special desires.

Our “Morning Frost White” with “Baltic Blue” leather had a list price of $198,870. Options, gas guzzler tax and delivery charges raised the tally to $215,095.

As for me and K-Raw, the next time we’re in Miami, there’s no doubt how we will roll. So move over Bond, the Automotive Rhythms team is now the official South Beach spokesperson for the brand!