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2011 Ford Explorer Saves The Day
Last Updated on Saturday, 29 January 2011 06:38
Written by ARtvKimatni
Saturday, January 29th, 2011

It was perfect timing as I landed from Cali to DC into the aftermath of a winter snow storm. A 2011 Pearly White 4×4 Ford Explorer was patiently waiting to show off its new attributes including style and utility. The kids couldn’t decide which row to jump in as they are only used to two opposed to three in our loaner. The Explorer handled the aftermath of the snow storm like pro linebackers handle running backs. A streamlined version of Land Rover’s Terrain Response is utilized in the Explorer so normal deal breakers like snow, mud, gravel, etc are like snacks to the popular, domestic SUV.

I would however like to see a simplified version of MyFord Touch, the voice and touch control system that oversees navi, audio, temp, etc. It’s intuitive but quite distracting due to small input buttons and the challenge of locating specific operations since the interface is so busy. Basically, the multi-media system is ahead of its time like BMW’s iDrive when it first launched. Sounds so ironic. Ford made the system to keep drivers from being distracted, and yet, the same system is distracting them! Actually, this is an industry-wide problem. Ford executives say a software update is being created to modify MyFord Touch.

I would also like to see more power installed in the Explorer’s only engine, a V6. It’s efficient for sure, but definitely needs some more kick. But I tell you what, it sure looks good!

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