BaByliss Pro Volare Clippers: Ferrari Inspired Engines?

Written by Automotive Rhythms

To meet the increasing demand for efficient and powerful male grooming and styling tools, Babyliss Pro has teamed up with Ferrari to offer a technologically advanced shaver. With enhanced motors and highly specialized blade systems, the luxury clippers keep today’s men ahead of the pack while customizing their look with grace and flare. The high-torque motor, which is designed and built in collaboration with Ferrari engineers, drives the performance of the innovatice clipper. Featuring unique X-taper, max-precision blades that are honed to a 45-degree cutting edge, the BaByliss Pro Volare gives you precision results with exceptional comfort.

In case your bonus wasn’t enough to cover the MSRP of a Ferrari automobile, then this finely tuned cutting machine in high-gloss Ferrari Rosso Corsa is just the ticket! Available at, expect to pay $199.50 (Model# FX669).