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Automotive Rhythms TV Creates Exclusive Auto Lifestyle Channel on YouTube™

Created on Tuesday, 02 September 2008 23:21

Washington, D.C. September 02, 2008 - Automotive Rhythms TV (ARtv), a subsidiary of Automotive Rhythms Communications, LLC, announced today it has created an exclusive auto lifestyle channel on YouTube™, the leading online video community that allows people to discover, watch and share originally created videos.  The ARtv YouTube channel can be viewed here:  

Automotive Rhythms TV, hosted by President and Publisher, Kimatni D. Rawlins, provides exclusive auto lifestyle content ranging from vehicle evaluations and test drives from around the world, automotive and bike shows, industry executive interviews, influencer profiles, and segments highlighting the trendiest entertainment showcases including awards shows, festivals, concert, tours and much more. 

Consumers can now watch video content on ARtv’s YouTube channel to assist with their automotive needs such as vehicle class comparisons, technology updates and model year changes. “ARtv continues to provide informative and exclusive auto segments to the digital world through our new relationship with YouTube, Rawlins stated.  “As a digital content provider this is a great scenario for both myself as the host of the show and for the production team who doesn’t quit until every episode exceeds the prior. The equation of new vehicles, music, fashion and technology is what we are proud to call The Urban Automotive Experience.”

According to Compete, Inc, a leading web analytics company, consumers are increasingly finding out about new makes and models through online video. Nearly half (49%) of all in-market shoppers and about a third (31%) of recent buyers surveyed had been exposed to new vehicle choices for the first time through online video, highlighting the medium's branding capabilities.  The study shows that consumers conducted 240,000 searches across the major search engines for queries that contained an automotive branded keyword and the word “video” (i.e., Camry hybrid video, BMW convertible video) in March 2007.

For more information on the Automotive Rhythms channel on YouTube, visit

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Automotive Rhythms is a multi-media gateway for receiving up-to-date information on new rides, bikes, car shows, vehicle and entertainment technology, celebrity profiles and automotive lifestyle experiences. Consisting of Internet, print, television and event properties, AR speaks to consumers in their respective voices from a unique perspective and is ranked number one on Google, AOL, and Yahoo! search engines under keywords “urban automotive.”

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