What happens when an unstoppable object meets an impenetrable force? Energy is created of course. This same energy is leading Lincoln towards a path of greatness. Not long ago the storied brand seemed lost and hopeless with a mediocre product portfolio consisting of just a few nameplates. Automotive Rhythms can’t remember the last time a consumer asked, “how about that new Lincoln?” Boy, have times changed. With the lethal MKT luxury SUV crossover and the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in the business (MKZ Hybrid) leading the charge days are becoming sunnier for the American luxury marquee.

Expectations are the biggest parameters in the psyche of today’s modern consumer. They want more luxury, more value and more technology at an affordable or comparable price. Well, for starters, Lincoln has increased the MKX’s horsepower by 40 for a total of 305 horsepower in its 3.7-liter sourced V6 engine. The luxury midsize crossover also delivers 19 mpg city / 26 mpg highway. A bolder physic, prominent grille and new 18” rims enhance the vehicle with intelligent flavor. Its MyLincoln Touch uses an 8” touch LCD to communicate vehicle activities with the driver. Volume and HVAC controls are not controls but sensors activated by way of a soft ‘touch and slide’ of the finger. Stitched leather, advanced center console and a THX audio system clearly puts the MKX in-game with the luxury leaders.
It’s once again time for Lincoln to shine. Lets wish them well. Expect a more detailed report once Automotive Rhythms receives the MKX in the press fleet.


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