2012 Mosler Raptor GTR: The One & Only

The final 2012 Mosler Raptor GTR supercar built in Palm Beach, Florida has been unveiled this past weekend at the Festivals of Speed at the Epic Hotel in Miami.

It’s one of the lightest vehicles in the world at 2,580 lbs, and also one of the most powerful at 838 horsepower. The combination yields the absolute highest power-to-weight ratio of any factory streetcar in current production: 649hp/ton. The key to the GTR’s ultra low weight is the extensive use of carbon-fiber in both the body and chassis. Carbon-fiber as we know it is power-for-pound five times stronger than steel, so even though the vehicle is very light it is extremely strong.

The $700,000 Raptor GTR was intended to be the next model in the Mosler line, but due to changing government regulations and other external events there will only be one vehicle built. What a pity!

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