2014 Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals

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After many weeks of anticipation the Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals (WCP) had finally arrived. Automotive Rhythms arrived onto the scene stunning fans with the 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack. The dazzling Sublime Green hue glistened as the exhaust growled through the packed parking lot, surely notifying showgoers that this 392 HEMI, 485-horsepowered muscle car was situated at the proper venue.

Import vs Domestic is the meeting place where racers from up and down the east coast converge at one track to settle intensive scores. It is nothing short of amazing to witness machines run the quarter mile in staggering times as low as 6 seconds. The recent trailer release of Fast and Furious 7 added to the excitement of the event as you heard discussions of the intensive film from various fans throughout the day. Honda Civics and Ford Mustangs were the weapons of choice by many of the racers with trailers converted into chop shops. After various passes motors were already being replaced, axels swapped and copious amounts of wrench work taking place. With the vendor midway only a few steps from the action, one could easily purchase something as small as spark plugs and car care products all the way up to Mickey Thompson tires and turbochargers from sponsor Haltech.

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Though, WCF is more than just a cadre of races and challenges. The custom car show was complete with classics and exotics that left spectators in awe and sparked many conversations between owners and fans describing the life story of each vehicle. WCF definitely was the place to showcase custom paint jobs, matte wraps and the latest industry trends. Last but not least was the bikini contest put on by the renowned International Bikini Team and hosted by actress, fitness enthusiast and acclaimed pro model Jessica Barton. Organized perfectly during race downtime, the crowd flooded the staging area to cheer on their favorite lady. Attendees were in awe and eventually crowned Angelina Peralta Import vs. Domestic Beauty of the Year.

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Each year I continually state that WCF had the biggest turnout yet. Well, 2014 was no different as the show broke record numbers. MIR events director Jason Miller stated last year that they were looking to improve the following year’s World Cup Finals.” And guess what, he did just that. Entry and exit of the event was smooth and the parking situation was leaps and bounds sounder than previous shows. Patrons did have to walk a further distance, but it was better than sitting in your vehicle idle for extended periods of time.

Well I can assure you of one thing, Automotive Rhythms will be back next year with something else that hasn’t seen the lot yet. Enjoy the photo gallery!

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