2014 Miami Auto Show: Cars Meet Art

44th_Annual_Miami_Auto_Show_Cars_Meet_Art.....007The Miami International Auto Show presented by Ally Auto has unveiled a first-time, creatively inspired attraction not seen at another national auto venue. The brand-new exhibit, titled Cars Meet Art and dedicated to highlighting the juncture of creative design and auto ingenuity, was recently unveiled during the Miami Auto Show’s annual Press Day. Half-auto showcase, half gallery exhibition, the Miami attraction showcases 10 of the industry’s latest models by placing each of them under the creative direction of one U.S.-based, world-famous street artist and allowing the vehicle to become a living, revving canvas. Displayed alongside each vehicle is a matching mural piece, also painted by the vehicle’s artist-in-residence.

“Each winter our city is home to the meeting place of the international arts world during the acclaimed Art Basel Miami Beach art fair and the hundreds of others that follow throughout the season,” said Rick Baker, Show Manager of the Miami International Auto Show. “When you consider this, plus our own homegrown arts districts and neighborhoods that have taken shape over the past few years, there’s really no question about it – Miami is truly a global arts destination. There’s no reason our auto show shouldn’t reflect that very same creative culture.”

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