2015 Washington Auto Show: Chevrolet EV Owner Discussion

2016 Chevrolet Volt electric car

Last week included a great kickoff to the 2015 Washington Auto Show with Chevrolet. An engaging panel discussion with local Volt owners provided a unique opportunity for drivers to converse with members of the Chevy team directly. A key Volt design engineer, GM Senior Management for Battery Systems and GM Director of Safety and Policy were all on hand to answer questions and inquiries. This customer focused sit-down included topics from safety technology and connected car function to design ideas and proactive support for current and potential owners.

Also considered was the vast array of sensational and technological advances including passive and active safety engineering features. Chevrolet’s desire to actively connect with its customers through these sessions allowed them personal insight to the topics on the minds of its followers. This will continue to provide them with the best opportunity to engaged its buyers with the brand, which includes the Volt and the new Spark EV.

2016 Chevrolet Volt electric car-Washington-Auto ShowThe 2016 Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle — which was unveiled earlier this year — is new for 2015. It now shows off a sleeker design, increased efficiency, stronger acceleration facilitated through the two-motor design, and most importantly, an extended EV range which comes in a time of technological advancements derived from sharpened aerodynamic efficiency, increased battery capacity and decreased overall weight by more than 20 pounds. The more dynamic drive unit lightens the load by more than 100 pounds over the original Volt. A 1.5-liter range extender allows this new generation Volt and Chevrolet a continued platform for its commitment to expanding within the EV market.

Maryland’s supportive highway infrastructure was an integral component of the conversation with the Volt Owner Group during the first days of the Washington Auto Show since it was recently selected as the state of choice by Chevrolet to launch the Spark EV. Maryland’s status as a strong commuter market was one of the top reasons for the selection. The Spark EV is touted by Chevrolet as the most efficient retail EV in the domestic marketplace with a combined 119 MPGe and 82 miles EPA (estimated combined city/highway range). Simply put, “electric driving is the epitome of luxury,” said Pam Fletcher, executive chief engineer for Chevy Volt. With a real objective to reduce purchase costs while maintaining luxury vehicles, Chevrolet is currently on the right path.


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