2016 Uptown Motorsports Baddest Bagger Sound Contest

2016 Uptown Motorsports Baddest Bagger Sound Contest (12)
Experienced by Adrian McQueen

For the third year in a row Uptown Motorsports set Myrtle Beach on fire with their Baddest Bagger Audio Competition. This event serves as the official kickoff to Myrtle Beach Bike Week and the turnout is always incredible. It was also moved to Redline Motorsports to go alongside the other action taking place at that location. Big wheels and custom painted Harleys arrive from various locales to show off their unique sound systems. The detail and craftsmanship that are put into these baggers is nothing short of inspiring.

Over 15 participants entered the contest for the winning trophy, prize money and bragging rights. Joey from Backyard Baggers won the crown this year with the Philly team coming in second place. To say the crowd was happily entertained with the visuals and auditory sensory overload would be a gross understatement. I look forward to this annual event and can’t wait to see what is in store for the 4th Annual Baddest Bagger Audio Competition. Enjoy the photo gallery.

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