254.04 mph: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse sets Convertible World Speed Record

We all know about the innovative Maserati brothers who began in Bologna, Italy as racing car manufacturers in 1914. All of their Trident-badged Italian models are graceful works of art with alluring, curvaceous and flowing lines. Currently, the legendary automaker continues to employ the equally renowned Pininfarina Italian design house with the styling of their attractive vehicles.

Recently, Maserati has made great strides in creating more mainstream awareness in the world of high-end luxury sports cars. Their mission is not fixated on all-out acceleration or to become a full-fledged sports car, yet hones the ability to go fast intelligently. Especially since Maseratis are not typically light vehicles. Yet, their weight distribution is perfectly balanced and reputation is honored with prestige and character. Once inside the cockpit there is no sense of urgency. Supple leathers, refined woods, interchangeable trims and contrast stitching offers title holders a key advantage with its disciplined beauty and admirable performance. To expand upon this philosophy another member of the family has manifested in the form of a 4-door executive sports sedan titled Ghibli (shown in Bianco Alpi with a Rosso interior).

Maserati says the Ghibli will have a sportier character compared to the larger Quattroporte and will help them achieve a growth plan of 50,000 cars per year. The vehicle will be available with two turbocharged 3-liter V6 engines, an 8-speed automatic transmission and both RWD and an all-wheel drive platform dubbed “Q4.” A V6 turbo-diesel will introduce itself as the first diesel in the company’s history.


Aesthetically, the body is alluring with an aerodynamically enhanced front end. We suspect it will feature LED lighting technology since Maserati actually made the first production vehicle (3200 GT) with LEDs in 1998. This is the vehicle that began the renaissance for the Italian brand.

Ghibli is the reprise of a late 1960s Maserati coupé and convertible name, and refers to a Mediterranean wind. Actually there are a number of classic Maseratis themed after winds such as the Bora and Mistral.

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