Once again back in the hands of the Cohen family after a brief hiatus, Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories (BHMA) reclaims its legacy of offering the finest quality products with its new selection of custom indoor and outdoor car covers, that are specially fitted to protect high-performance new and classic cars, trucks, SUVs, exotics, and all other vehicles.

BHMA set the industry standard exactly 40 years ago with its debut of the original BlueGuard cover. Now, the company remains a leader in the industry with its four new customized car cover offerings designed to shield vehicles from extreme weather conditions and hazards in indoor and outdoor storage facilities.
All BHMA custom covers are proudly made in the USA and are designed to exact vehicle make/model sizing specifications, unlike competing products that are often ill-fitting and made from lower quality fabrics. Every BHMA cover has a Lifetime Guarantee against scratching your car’s paint and is custom-tailored from over 100,000 precision-cut patterns. The covers also come in a variety of colors with the option of custom piping that is not available anywhere else. Clients can customize and build their own car cover to their liking on BHMA’s custom car cover configurator by visiting Custom car covers include:
FlannerGuard Supreme:
For added protection and style, BHMA manufactures FlannelGuard Supreme, a cover with 100 percent cotton lining and provides a body hugging fit that contours to the vehicle’s shape. Also double-stitched to add a high end quality, an elastic bottom around the car assures the tight fit and the cotton lining allows complete breathability against condensation that could cause paint to blister, peel and sweat.
Favored by traditional car enthusiasts, FlannelGuard is similar to the first car cover created by BHMA, the celebrated BlueGuard cover. The design made for indoor usage, offers the thickest and softest flannel lining available on the market today and is BHMA’s most affordable car cover. The extra thick padding provides maximum protection against minor dings and scratches that can harm a vehicle’s paint. The fabric is also treated to resist rot and mildew in humid conditions, by offering a breathable environment that allows moisture to evaporate. Easy to clean, FlannelGuard is machine washable and stores compactly to save trunk space.
BHMA’s outdoor covers bring even greater durability to protect vehicles from inclement weather such as rain, snow and sun exposure. Outdoor covers include:

WeatherGuard is the lightest outdoor fabric cover offered by BHMA suitable for all weather conditions and offers a fade resistant fabric. WeatherGuard contains a special coating that has a “storm resistant” rating and is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. WeatherGuard is UV resistant and actually repels against rain, snow, and high winds. The car cover also tackles the most potent enemy of your vehicle’s paint – salt air, which can damage a car’s finish and rust the mechanics of your vehicle.  The lightweight cover is easy to maintain and can be machine washed. Elastic reinforcements are sewn in the front and rear bottom of the cover to hold it tightly to the car. WeatherGuard is also superb for indoor use.

For ultimate protection from outdoor environments and extreme weather conditions, BHMA offers StormGuard, a cover made from four-layer Kimberly Clark Evolution fabric with double-stitched seams. BHMA’s most affordable outdoor car cover, StormGuard will protect and preserve your vehicle, making sure your major investment retains its beauty year after year. Resistant to tears, rips and punctures, the car cover also shields against UV rays, tree sap and chemical pollutants that can cause paint fading, cracking and peeling. Its quick drying properties also prevent moisture build-up that can lead to rot and mildew.
For more information on Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories custom car covers or for its full line of products please visit or call (818) 802-4700.

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