BMW M Bike Carbon Racer: Fly Like the Wind


Half car, half amazing, BMW M cars allow dreams to come true for many enthusiasts. An “M” instills owners with the opportunity for adrenaline rushing track days or simple, joyous moments around town. However, if you cannot afford $113,925 for a new 2014 M6 Gran Coupe, than place your legs around the lightweight frame of Bavaria’s $2,799 M Bike Carbon Racer.

With its dynamic design in the brand’s Black and M Red colors and premium components, the 16.3-lb Carbon Racer shows an undeniable kinship with the models from the M family. Its full-carbon frame, comfortable fi’zi:k Tundra 2 saddle and exclusive Shimano Ultegra 20-speed derailleur system makes this bike just as suitable for rides on level ground as for demanding ascents.

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