Bowers & Wilkins P7 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones: Lifestyle Infused


Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Sit back, dial up an iTunes feature film on the iPad Mini and plug in your favorite headphones to isolate ambient noise from the Boeing 747. Enjoy the crisp and daring sounds of supercars roaring through the streets of Tokyo, Avatars protecting their realm during battles high in the sky or epic gladiator clashes until the bravest standing is alone on the throne. Are you getting my point? Welcome your world to the consummate Bowers & Wilkins P7 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones.

I’m fresh off a by-coastal flight from Dulles to SFO where scenes from Lucy’s 100% cerebral control entertained me with adrenaline for one third of the flight. Then I sharply reversed the atmosphere with relaxation by Om Mani Padme Hum from my “Tibetan Icantations – The Meditative Sound of Buddhist Chanting” soundtrack, which I discovered on a recent nomadic journey to Kathmandu, Nepal. The commingling of soft whispers emanating from the flute, deep bass bouncing off the drums, 3D-like Buddha lyrics jumping to the forefront of the song and hypnotizing reverbs from the violin orally sedated me while jettisoning right back to that moment hearing the positive and peaceful vibrations for the first time. Musically and literally in heaven was an understatement.


I have adorned my ears with a slew of headphones and only a few have brought pleasure, comfort, and technology within packages represented by opulent fit and finishes, quality materials and value that warrants refinement. Beats by Dre especially are disappointing and saddens me that so many are attracted to the cheap plastic materials, childish hues and deadened audio quality. Yet, when you have to sign up entertainers and pro athletes to sell your product then the answer has already been presented. Reputable (by quality) headphones need no such marketing tactics. Consider how Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and McLaren set the bar high with bespoke craftsmanship, stellar performance, consumer confidence and advanced innovation ultimately leading to emotional purchases based on reputation and exclusivity. The same goes for Bowers & Wilkins and their venerable P7s, one of a few pair of high-end, technological and luxury laced over-the-ear headphones in the audio business today.


To begin, they are first presented in a collapsible/expanding soft, leather case to protect your pride and joy from the rigors of business or leisure travel. It magnetically self-closes once the P7 ear cups are folded and stored appropriately. The headband is made of brushed stainless steel and enclosed within gentle leather. The bar then runs through a swivel connector (the folding mechanism) and bends into the right and left oval-shaped, ear pad frames that are inscribed with the Bowers & Wilkins insignia. More importantly, the ‘dual cavity’ cushioned, leather cups hover completely over your ear and not on them which at times causes moisture and compression discomfort. The ear pads also attach magnetically to the new drivers engineered similarly to Hi-Fi loudspeakers.

I will say the P7s are a bit bulkier than they need to be, but are stylistically sophisticated with black/silver contrast that will complement most business attire or sports gear. I wear them mostly on planes to take in the sounds of music, audio books, movies or downloaded sports podcasts.

From 1966 when John Bowers set his sights on audio perfection in England to 2015 World Wide, the British brand continues to innovate with no hints of slowing down. There is a reason why their systems can be found in luxury automobiles such as Jaguar and Maserati and top recording studios like London’s Abbey Road Studios and Hollywood’s Skywalker Sound studios.


Infuse your lifestyle with perfection by way of the $399.99 P7s. Additional insight on the breakthrough products from Bowers & Wilkins can be found by visiting Enjoy!

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