Drive the World’s Most Exclusive Supercars with Lou La Vie

Picture this. You’ve just arrived in Miami and you have the only Ferrari 458 Spider on the East Coast waiting for you at the airport. You hop in, shift it into drive and hit the streets of Miami, courtesy of Lou La Vie.

Lou La Vie, which means “Rent the Life,” is a premier exotic and luxury vehicle rental service that offers its clients some of the most sought-after cars on the market. The company’s growing fleet currently consists of everything from the Ferrari 458 Spider, to the all-new Lamborghini Aventador, a Porsche 911 Carrera S, an Audi R8 Spyder, a Nissan GT-R and a Range Rover Supercharged Sport.

In addition to Lou La Vie’s current lineup, the company is planning on adding several new acquisitions to its already-impressive fleet and will be opening up a new 8,000 sq. ft. showroom in downtown Miami in April 2013 to serve its growing clientele. More information will be released in the coming weeks.

Created by exotic car enthusiasts for exotic car enthusiasts, Lou La Vie believes in responsible renting and is one of only a few luxury and exotic vehicle rental companies that actually owns each of its fleet vehicles, providing a safe and secure renter experience without fear of unlimited liability. It’s this sense of safety and high quality service that’s made Lou La Vie one of the leading and most trusted rental car companies in Florida.

Lou La Vie vehicles can be delivered directly to a client wherever they might be; FBO, hotel, airport, or home, making the process of renting more convenient and conducive to the busy schedules of travelers. “Lou La Vie is Miami’s premier exotic car rental agency, providing only pinnacle automobiles for celebrities, professional athletes, CEO’s, and enthusiasts,” said John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie. “If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to drive some of the world’s most beautiful and exclusive cars, Lou La Vie can provide you with the opportunity to do so. But we also offer something for those who are lucky enough to afford the car of their dreams; we eliminate the hassle and time waste of ownership. With Lou La Vie, you have the best of the best at your fingertips anytime you want; no car payments, no upkeep, just the keys, when you need them.”

For additional information on pricing and availability, please call Lou La Vie at 1.877.595.4329, visit, ‘like’ them on Facebook or follow on Twitter @Lou_La_Vie.

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