Experiencing the Gumball 3000: Five Countries, Hot Cars and Crazy Lifestyle

AnastasiaDate rally car drives off the ferry into Ibiza
By Larry Cervantes, Chief Communications Officer for AnastasiaDate

The weather’s starting to get colder, so what better way to ward off winter than to reminisce about one of the hottest car events that took place this past summer? As car lovers, the thought of $100 million worth of supped up cars tearing down 3,000 miles of road in eight days certainly turns up the heat.
Xhibit and Margarita in ParisIn June, four countries hosted 120 of the world’s hottest luxury cars (and drivers) for an epic car rally that crossed two continents. The Gumball 3000 rally – founded by Maximillion Cooper, a British entrepreneur, skateboarder and racecar driver – traveled from Miami to Ibiza where it stopped along the way for insane parties and events. Celebrities like Xhibit, David Hasselhoff and DeadMau5 mingled with hardcore motorsports enthusiasts and rally sponsors like us, the AnastasiaDate team, who were lucky enough to be along for the whole ride!
Our car, a 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder, was driven by Margarita and Alisa, two models who came over from Russia to participate. They hopped in our tricked out ride at the starting line on Ocean Drive in Miami where Xhibit and Cooper kicked off the rally.
As the rally cars tore up the east coast to the final U.S. pit stop in New York, we spent the next couple of days taking in the sights and testing out the gas pedal. Once Team AnastasiaDate made it to the Big Apple, we got ourselves ready for a trip across the Atlantic on our private plane that we dubbed “Gumball Air.”

We were met on the tarmac in Edinburgh by the festive sound of bagpipers, and from there, we wound our Spyder around the streets of London onto the Top Gear track, where Margarita unleashed her inner racecar driver as she took the Lambo around for a few laps.
Driving to the Ibiza finish lineThe Rally cars made their way down mainland Europe, taking in the sights of the French and Spanish countryside. Unfortunately, some of us weren’t so lucky on the journey and were met with speeding tickets, including Xhibit who got his license confiscated! Those setbacks didn’t lessen the excitement as we quickly approached the finish line in Ibiza, which we reached by boarding our fleet of cars onto a ferry.
After traveling 3,000 miles and across two continents, we were ready to celebrate! For the next 24 hours, Ibiza was full of rally participants celebrating in the world-renowned clubs, and we were even surprised by the wedding of Gumball founder Maximillion Cooper and his then-fiancée, hip-hop star and actress Eve. Not only did the hundreds of drivers, participants and sponsors make a lifetime’s worth of memories, they also helped to fundraise more than $1 million for charity.
We couldn’t be more excited to get Team AnastasiaDate back in the driver’s seat for Gumball 2015 and are anxiously awaiting the announcement of next year’s route, events, parties and more. In the meantime, we’ll be thinking about what’s to come in our next crazy international road adventure…
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