Exploring St. Maarten in a Hyundai Accent

Exploring St Maarten in the 2014 Hyundai Accent (2 of 29)Experienced by Adrian McQueen

When traveling the world you get to see and experience so many positive and nurturing elements of life. One of my favorite places to escape to are the Caribbean Islands, and on this particular adventure I set out to discover historic St. Maarten. Just a 4-hour flight from Washington D.C., I landed on a precious gem of idyllic beaches and unblemished waters. And with narrow and winding roads outlining the island I needed a vehicle that was nimble but powerful enough to handle the scenario. So the Hyundai Accent was the transportation mode of choice and fit perfectly for the get-a-way with my lovely wife.

Upon landing into St. Maarten your plane touches just a few feet away from the beach and attracts onlookers who flock to Maho Beach to view the incoming flight paths. This was admittedly one of the greatest experiences of my life. Once I hit ground a fresh, new Hyundai Accent awaited me in the adjacent lot. The sleek design was appealing along with the new projector headlamps with LED accents (no pun intended). The little Hyundai is a dependable choice in the subcompact class and has definitely improved over past generations of the Korean-made automobile. It’s well equipped, but not luxurious, and comes in around $16,999. Expect the Accent to rival the likes of the Kia Rio, Nissan Versa, Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic.

It was always a joy cruising freely around the island checking out points of interest and discovering traditional, culinary dishes. I realized the 4-cylinder engine under the hood remained quiet at higher rpms, but is somewhat sluggish when attempting to merge or pass. It would have served us better if I had a manual transmission to shift appropriately. But the automatic held up fine since I was not trying to win any races. On the bumpy and hilly roads the Accent’s suspension made for a relatively smooth ride. Throughout the trip I explored all that St. Maarten had to offer and even visited the two nearest islands, Anguilla and St. Barts, by yacht for some more exploring.

Exploring St Maarten in the 2014 Hyundai Accent (17 of 29)

Mentor, friend and CEO of Automotive Rhythms and Fit Fathers — Kimatni Rawlins — has propelled a mindset into the team that vacations are meant to relax the mind, not the body. I have always been one to swim in the ocean or pool for hours at a time, but now I have officially implemented a morning workout while away. Thinking back to childhood, my parents would take us on daily strolls on the sand while we were vacationing. Somewhere along the way that mantra got lost as I matured and the guys’ trips turned into nonstop parties. Now my mornings are no longer utilized for sleep and recovery time, but to awaken early and get my body nourished for the upcoming tasks at hand.

Not quite sure where the next venture will be, but I am pleased to say this one was a success. Please enjoy the photo gallery.

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