Ferrari Store Grand Opening in Maranello, Italia

So it begins, your lifestyle is accentuated with all the joys and modern luxuries a man or woman could possibly ask for. You are blessed to have made strategic business moves and intelligent investment decisions. A paradigm of modern sophistication and social acceptability, you have become an opinion leader and trendsetter amongst your peers. Yet, the Rosso 458 Spider sitting outside your driveway needs to be accentuated with the modern world of Ferrari.

The groundbreaking Ferrari Store in Maranello recently opened to adulation. Here, you can choose fine bespoke accessories including their premium Prima Line, the pinnacle of the Ferrari Collection and specifically tailored to owners. Other items of interest include the lightweight super-exclusive Colnago for Ferrari CFB road bike, watches, headphones, sunglasses, two unique hues of Tod’s Ferrari shoes, and Shell FI pit crew uniforms. The enlarged boutique is magnificently designed with the comfort and professionalism you have come to expect from elite shopping on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive. Crafted by some of Italy’s most regarded artisans, Prima is related to the original Prancing Horse of 1949 and is an extension of what Ferrari owners experience when they step out of a 612 Scaglietti, 599 GTB Fiorano, California, 458 Italia, or FF. Soon, the 740 horsepower V12 F12 Berlinetta and carbon fiber V12 LaFerrari will win over your soul and make its way into your collection. Hopefully.

After purchasing a few sport jackets, hats, accessories, and a Granturismo Ferrari Automatic timepiece you head back to town for succulent Italian pasta, sightseeing at the Museum of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and later reserve a show at the opera to wallow in the moment.

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