Genesis Joins the Executive Leadership Council to Honor Black Executive Leadership and Achievement

Genesis, a global automotive brand that is redefining luxury-vehicle ownership, is partnering with the Executive Leadership Council to honor the leadership and achievement of black executives. Genesis is the official corporate sponsor of the Executive Leadership Council’s Mid-Level Management Symposium and the presenting sponsor of the 2017 Recognition Gala.

The Executive Leadership Council, the preeminent membership organization for the development of global black leaders, is committed to increasing the number of black executives in C-Suites, on corporate boards and in global enterprises. Its members include more than 700 current and former black CEOs, entrepreneurs, and board members and senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies and equivalents.

The ELC’s two-day Mid-Level Management Symposium enables aspiring managers to learn from and network with corporate executives and leading business experts. The annual Gala honors individuals and corporations for their support of diversity, inclusion and achievement in business, and celebrates significant accomplishments and commitment to develop future global black leaders.

As an all-new global luxury automotive brand, Genesis is challenging long-held norms in the luxury vehicle ecosystem. While other luxury car makers emphasize history and legacy, Genesis believes that luxury must be redefined to serve the lifestyle needs of today’s connoisseurs.

“At Genesis, we are committed to creating not just beautifully designed and brilliantly engineered luxury automobiles, we are also committed to building a culture full of experiences that reflect the diversity and rich backgrounds of the people with whom we share the world,” said Erwin Raphael, general manager of Genesis in the U.S. market. “The ELC has worked for decades to increase and celebrate the number of successful black executives in the United States and around the globe. We at Genesis are proud to share in this passion for inclusivity and mutual pride.”

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