Goodyear Performance Collection Combines Fashion and Racing Inspired Details

Goodyear_Performance-Fashion-Shoes-CollectionJust in time for spring, Goodyear Licensed Products, part of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, will introduce the Goodyear Performance Collection in the U.S., its first line of men’s casual footwear that blends fashion, comfort and racing-inspired detailing. Having seen strong success in Europe, this line, priced from $60 to $80, will be available this March at specialty and department stores nationwide.

“Being able to extend our racing heritage into casual footwear, a growing category, enables us to introduce more consumers to the Goodyear family of products,” said Nancy Ray, director of licensed products at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. “We look forward to building upon the success of our safety and outdoor lines and connecting more people to our brand.”

The Goodyear Performance Collection features styles that not only appeal to consumers who appreciate a carefree look, but also have a passion for auto racing. Goodyear’s designers incorporated durability, mobility, traction and comfort into five styles. Specifically, this line includes: Ori Performance Racing ($70.00), Clutch Performance Racing ($70.00), Index Performance Racing ($60.00), Groove Goodyear Racing ($60.00), and the Vulcan Var Canvas ($80.00).

The designers used actual Goodyear tire tread patterns in the soles and utilized real components of car racing shoes. For instance, the design of the Clutch shoe mimics an actual racing boot.

“This line fills the void for a racing-inspired footwear line not previously available on the U.S. market,” said JosOri Performance Racing ($70.00), Clutch Performance Racing ($70.00), Index Performance Racing ($60.00), Groove Goodyear Racing ($60.00), and the Vulceph Safdeye, executive vice president of SCL Footwear Group, the U.S. distributor for this line. “In developing our Goodyear Performance Collection, our goal was to provide the end-consumer with Goodyear tread-inspired outsoles for maximum durability and traction. This collection provides avid racing fans and general consumers with a quality product at an affordable price, enabling them to express personal style and love for their favorite sport at the same time.”

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