Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals (WCF) with the 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

The highly anticipated and Haltech sponsored Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals (WCF) attracted attendees across the country. Racers from near and far including Puerto Rico flocked to Maryland International Raceway (MIR) to partake in the 18th installment of this 3-day automotive showcase. Last year’s record setting number of 20,000 spectators was blown out of the water with a 2013 attendance of over 25,000.

As usual, Automotive Rhythms arrived onto the scene with something special and blessed WCF with BMW’s 2014 M6 Gran Coupe. The 4-door performance machine had enthusiasts double-taking once realizing they were in the presence of Bavarian’s $142,000 wolf that quietly housed a 560-horsepower and turbocharged V8, well, only until its power plant is ignited and the exhaust pipes aggressively threaten with a menacing howl of the Bimmer’s wicked intentions.

The track competition involved 11 hotly, contested brackets featuring head-up races in the intense Import vs. Domestic duel. However, excitement wasn’t just limited to the raceway. A custom car show with classics and exotics could easily have been its own event. Passionate, custom paint jobs, matte wraps and the latest industry trends could all be experienced at WCF. How fitting was it to have Automotive Rhythms’ M6 rocking BMW’s “Frozen Liquid Silver” finish complimented with a carbon fiber roof panel. I guess you can call our Bimmer a triple threat, possessing the talents for the drag strip, the circuit and “Best of Show” attributes. We like our rides clean and engineered to perfection. In addition to the vehicle displays, vendors were ready with product on-hand in case teams encountered an issue with their vehicles. Easily they could purchase anything from a set of sticky Mickey Thompsons to 88mm turbochargers from Precision Turbo and Engine. Contestants were not about to miss out on the $55,000 in cash prizes from WCF.

As with many car shows, providing non-automotive eye candy was just as relevant. So of course WCF entertained a sizzling bikini contest from the renowned International Bikini Team, hosted by actress, fitness enthusiast and acclaimed pro model Jessica Barton. The timing of this sexy contest could not have been better due to a massive oil spill, which temporarily shut down the race action until cleanup was complete. Attendees were in awe and eventually crowned Diana Whitt Import vs. Domestic Beauty of the Year.

With the exponential growth WCF has been fortunate to experience, each subsequent year will only get better. “We appreciate everyone’s patience, enthusiasm and support,” said MIR Events Director Jason Miller. “We are already looking at changes to improve next year’s World Cup Finals.” Whatever they may be, one thing’s certain, Automotive Rhythms will be back with another beastly sports car from the land of Bavaria. Enjoy the snapshots!

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