Jeep & Men’s Health Urbanathlon Training: Redefine Your Finish Line!

Jeep & Men’s Health Urbanathlon

I’ve always considered myself an athletic guru with the heart of a lion. From track and field state records in high school to playing D1 football at Georgia Tech, the competitive spirit runs deep in my blood. That was then, and this is now. Today I’m the father of two beautiful little girls and can’t quite keep up with the competitive pace of collegiate athletics. Yet, I still exercise fives times a week and maintain a healthy diet. I’m also the Publisher of Automotive Rhythms and travel the globe pretty extensively test driving and evaluating the latest vehicles for consumer purchase. So, I decided upon a personal challenge and motivational accelerator by signing up for the Chicago Urbanathlon presented by Men’s Health Magazine.


The Urbanathlon is a nine to eleven mile run through the streets of Chicago, New York, and San Francisco consisting of six muscle burning activities along the way. Training for the event requires three days of running activities, alternating distance and intervals including sprints. I’ve been focused since June and have lost 25 pounds, toned up quite a bit, and stopped drinking alcoholic beverages completely. Additionally, my body has progressed from not being able to finish a mere mile without heavy breathing to clicking off up to eight miles without hesitation or strain. But best of all, I’ve dropped two waist sizes and one shirt size. It feels good to be trim again. On my non-running days I am in either Bally’s or my home gym increasing strength and muscle stamina. Weightlifting burns just as many calories as endurance training because muscle burns fat more quickly. Additionally, sprinting keeps one’s metabolism kicking for hours or days after training. So a complete workout featuring weightlifting, running and sprinting, swimming, or biking proves to be the optimal work regimen. My partner in crime — Leeann Brzozowski, a former pro linebacker — also leads an active life, which includes circuit training and kickboxing.

I’m competing in the Chicago race to experience hundreds of stadium steps at Soldier Field, and to take in some of the excitement of my running back hero Walter Payton. Leeann is ready to conquer the NY course, which will include fun and exciting Jeep related activities for Urbanathlon participants. To help us with our fitness program, Jeep provided AR with a 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland Summit 4×4 with every imaginable option. It has been trekking up and down the East Coast with the team, in search of challenging training courses from bike routes to historical running trails. At one point we took a break and put the emphasis of the workout on the Jeep by putting it through its paces over a few obstacle courses during an off-road session.

Jeep owners are all about active living and I now feel a part of their community. So from this point on my focus on a healthy lifestyle will continue to be a daily objective. Well, its time now for another roadwork session. Make sure that you continue to redefine your finish line by constantly establishing new goals! Visit for more details.

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