Lincoln Philanthropic Campaign Exceeds $6.2 Million; Numbers Rise as Vehicle Excitement Builds

Lincoln-Driven-to-GiveThe highly anticipated, all-new Lincoln Continental will be part of The Lincoln Motor Company’s national philanthropic campaign this fall, helping raise money for educational and charitable organizations.

Driven to Give, a philanthropic program that began in 2011 as a way for Lincoln dealers to work with non-profit organizations and give back to their communities, has raised more $6.2 million since its inception and $1.5 million last year alone.

The program allows Lincoln dealers across the country to give back to their communities by working with schools and charitable organizations; it continues to increase in popularity as anticipation builds around Lincoln’s lineup of vehicles.

“We’re proud that we’re able to contribute to these causes,” said John Emmert, Lincoln group marketing manager. “And we’re excited that people will have the opportunity to drive our vehicles, particularly the all-new Lincoln Continental.”

Here’s how the campaign works: Dealerships work with local groups to host a one-day event. For each participant that test- drives an eligible Lincoln vehicle, Lincoln donates $20 to the organization. Additional test drives in designated bonus vehicles earn a supplementary $20 donation, meaning a single participant can raise up to $40 for their organization.

The spring bonus vehicle was the 2016 Lincoln MKX and for the fall session, it will be the 2017 Lincoln MKZ. The all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental will be eligible for test drives during the fall session.

Driven to Give allows Lincoln dealerships nationwide to give back to the community while showcasing Lincoln vehicles and establishing personal relationships with new and potential Lincoln clients.

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