Lotus Opens Flagship Showroom and Launches Exige S and Elise S in Malaysia

LOTUS CARS MALAYSIA today announced the official opening of the first LOTUS Flagship Showroom and Centre in Malaysia, strategically located in Sungai Penchala. In conjunction with the opening, LOTUS also unveiled two of its latest stars, the Exige S and Elise S for the Malaysian market.

The opening of the showroom and launch of the Exige S and Elise S was officiated by PROTON Advisor YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was accompanied by Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Khamil Jamil, the Executive Chairman of PROTON. LOTUS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PROTON Holdings Berhad.

Part of DRB-HICOM’s plans to revive LOTUS, the Flagship Showroom and Centre is built on 10,520m² of land, and offers a complete LOTUS experience with a Showroom, a Customer Interactive Block, and a Service Centre, where owners will be able to service, and obtain the spare parts for their Lotus cars.

The Showroom covers an area of approximately 1,060m², and consists of sales areas for new and pre-owned Lotus cars. Elegant and minimalist, the Showroom was designed to convey the heritage of the LOTUS brand. Retail areas for Lotus car accessories, Lotus Originals merchandise, a delivery room, an open deck garden and a customer lounge are also located in the Showroom building.

The advanced and fully-equipped LOTUS Service Centre is approximately 1,009m² in size and will offer the highest level of customer service to current and future Lotus owners. The Service Centre is able to accommodate up to 20 cars a day and 480 cars a month.

According to Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Khamil, when DRB-HICOM first took over PROTON and all its subsidiaries, including LOTUS, one of the Group’s top priorities was to look into reviving the LOTUS brand. “We have many times affirmed our commitment to the future of this brand, and with the launch of Malaysia’s first LOTUS Flagship Showroom today, we are again reiterating our commitment to the future of LOTUS.”

“There are currently about 140 LOTUS showrooms around the world, but what makes this Flagship Showroom extra special is the 372m2 Customer Interactive Block, which was designed with Lotus customers in mind,” he added. “A ‘LOTUS home’ for owners, this is where owners will be able to get together and ‘hang out’. This area will also be used to coordinate LOTUS events such as Lotus Convoys, Races, and Defensive and Advanced Driver Trainings.”

The opening also marked the official launch of LOTUS’ latest power players, the supercharged Exige S and Elise S. Already making waves globally, the powerful Exige S was recently awarded the coveted Car of The Year title by EVO magazine, while the Elise S – the latest addition to the Elise range, is perfect for the enthusiast wanting to enjoy the thrill of the drive with even better performance, without compromising on weight.

“These cars represent the best that LOTUS has to offer right now, and I can truly say that the best is yet to come. ForLOTUS to remain competitive and relevant, it will be necessary for us to introduce more and more exciting products to our customers in the future,” acknowledged Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Khamil, who added that the way for LOTUS moving forward is to launch products sensibly, and with due regards to proper compliance of quality, cost and delivery.

Lotus Exige S
The new Exige S is the ultimate in focused sports cars. Capable of reaching 0-100 km/h in 3.96 seconds, it not only boasts impressive stats, but is recognized by experts as a benchmark of superior ride and handling. Its dynamic performance is also enhanced by the 345hp (350 PS) supercharged 3.5-litre V-6 engine.

Mid mounted, transverse 3.5-litre 24-valve DOHC V-6 dual VVT-I equipped with Harrop HTV 1320 Supercharger utilising Eaton TVS Technology.

6-speed manual gearbox with sports ratios.
Constant mesh helical gears and open differentials.


0-100 km/h 3.96 seconds
Max speed 170 mph (274 km/h)
Max power 345 hp at 7000 rpm (350 PS) (258 kW)
Max torque 295 lbft at 4500 rpm (400 Nm)
Fuel consumption mpg Urban 19.5 (14.5) Extra Urban 37.2 (7.6)
(I/100km) with manual gearbox Combined 28.0 (10.1)
CO2 emissions (manual) 236 g/km
Unladen vehicle mass 1176 kg

Lotus Elise S
The latest addition to the popular Elise range is the new supercharged S model. With its soft top and big personality, the car is perfect for city drives or countryside escapades. Its 1.8-litre supercharged engine, which delivers 217 hp / 220 PS, marries speed, versatility and fun in one sporty package.

Mid-mounted, transverse, 1798cm3, 2ZR-FE inline 4-cylinder.
DOHC 16-valve Dual VVT-I with Magnuson R900 supercharger utilising Eaton TVS™ technology.

6-speed manual gearbox with sports ratios.
Constant mesh helical gears and open differentials.


0-100 km/h 4.6 seconds
Max speed 145 mph (234 km/h)
Max power 217 hp at 6800 rpm (163 kW) (220 PS)
Max torque 184 lbft at 4600 rpm (250 Nm)
Fuel consumption mpg Urban 27.3 (10.3)
(I/100km) with manual gearbox Extra Urban 47.6 (5.9)
Combined 37.5 (7.5)
CO2 emissions (manual) 175 g/km
Unladen vehicle mass 924 kg

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