Pirelli Design introduces limited edition skis

Pirelli and Blossom, a leader in handmade high performance skis, have partnered to launch skis dedicated to the most demanding skiers. Crafted in the Blossom workshops in Val Chiavenna in collaboration with Pirelli engineers, the special feature is the layer of vibration-dampening rubber inserted by Pirelli into the sandwich construction of the ski, characterized by several layers of different materials.

These limited edition skis are now available for pre-order here:

 The skis guarantee high performance and have very deep sidecuts to adapt to various snow conditions for fast speed and great handling.

Featuring a wooden core with a graphite sole, a double layer of Titanal for stability and triaxial fiberglass for perfect torsion, the new Pirelli skis also contain a layer of tailor made rubber compound capable of dampening up to 60% of the vibrations transferred from the piste to the ski during the descent. The rubber compound, obtained following a series of dedicated studies by Pirelli engineers, was subsequently vulcanized at extremely high temperatures to obtain a thin sheet, both for insertion as a layer within and on top of the skis.

The end result is a ski that provides excellent performance on narrow and sweeping turns due to improved fluidity and accuracy, whilst the additional vibration-dampening compound creates outstanding stability, consequently promoting safer skiing.

The skis sport the iconic stretched P logo and come in seven colors inspired by the color coding system used by Pirelli to identify its racing tires. A limited edition of 110 pairs will be made for each color to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Pirelli Motorsport in 2017.

Pirelli skis are available in various sizes: 151/ 158 / 164/ 170/ 176/ 181. Each size corresponds to a different carving ratio: 10 / 11 / 13 / 14 / 16 / 17. The sidecut is: 121 – 71 – 106.

The Pirelli Design project is an evolution of the Pirelli PZero project launched by the company in the early 2000’s. The goal, in line with the focus of Pirelli on the Prestige and Premium car segments, is to increase the equity of the Pirelli brand by developing specific design projects to offer unique, iconic and one-of-a-kind products that exploit Pirelli’s technological competencies in conjunction with selected partners who represent excellence in their respective sectors.

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