Polaris Slingshots Take Over D.C.


Experienced by Adrian McQueen, Photos by Adrian McQueen and Leon Brittain

The Polaris Slingshot hit the ground running when introduced in July of 2014. With relatively few dealerships initially, the mystery and allure of this vehicle spread like no other in recent years. Now that the Slingshot population is quickly growing and captivating consumers the streets are buzzing with immense interest!

Polaris gatherings are taking place throughout the country with the East Coast showcasing some of the wildest custom Slingshots around. To that point, Washington, D.C. hosted an end-of-summer Slingshot Takeover which was organized and well executed by entertainment promoters and Slingshot owners @TableBoyz & @CleanCashPeezy, as they are commonly known on Instagram. This meetup of 3-wheeled and winged beasts was a bit different from others as it involved the full weekend rather than the usual 1-day event. Slingshot owners descended upon the Nation’s Capital down from New York and up from Atlanta.

The weekend kicked off with a group ride through the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area which was organized by Coleman Powersports. The next day Slingshot riders took to the streets to specifically explore D.C. while putting on a show for tourists and locals alike as they cruised the streets in droves. Sunday was the finale with more Slingshoters from NJ, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Virginia and of course the hometown of D.C. joining in with all roads leading to Cities restaurant and lounge. The vibe and energy was electric as a bevy of Slingshots and bikers shut down the block upon their grand arrival.


I was able to participate thanks to Eagle Riders D.C. by way of their red pearl Polaris Slingshot SL that comes in at $23,999. Polaris also offers a base version that is titanium metallic for $19,999. The base Slingshot sits on 205/50R-17 front tires and 265/35R-18 rears, while the SL is equipped with marine grade speakers and stereo, 255/35R-20 rear and 225/45R-18 front tires. The vehicle is outfitted with waterproof seats, 3-point seatbelts, and forged aluminum roll-bars. It felt like a small convertible! Shifting from the 5-speed manual was smooth, but definitely took some getting used to. The clutch was loose and the gas pedal was a bit stiff. Sitting low to the ground didn’t skew my line of sight however. Keep in mind the hood is wide so be aware when parallel parking.

Powered with a GM Ecotec 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine (the same engine in the Chevy Cruze) definitely gives the Slingshot the power warranted to fulfill the need for speed. With 173-horsepower and 166 lb-ft of torque, it is easy for the rear wheels to spin out when traction control is turned off. The 1,750 lb Slingshot has a steel space frame with extremely responsive acceleration. The LED Taillights and Projector Beam Headlights look exceptional at night and give off plenty of warning to oncoming motorists. The Polaris Slingshot also features ABS disk brakes with excellent stopping power. Considering that one wheel is controlling this mini rocket, even at high speeds, you instantly feel the power cease when the brakes are applied.


In addition to the glove box, behind each seat is the lockable storage bin that is totally plastic and unfortunately easy to break around the locking area. In regards to theft prevention this is a concern Polaris should look into for future models or aftermarket replacements. Another element I didn’t like, and especially aggravating to my passenger, was the blaring heat that filled the seat well. This is because the exhaust system, muffler and all, is tucked into the spacing ahead of the passenger’s side foot well. Yet, it was refreshing speaking to various Slingshot owners who have put in custom modifications to fix these issues.

It was a phenomenal experience to participate in such a historical event of which I’m sure many more will follow. Whether on 2s or 3s the camaraderie shared amongst riders and enthusiasts fuels the industry and community. As well, we highly recommend Eagle Rider D.C. to explore all of your motorcycle fantasies with their extensive fleet. I would also like to thank our sponsor at Mothers Polish for supplying each attendee with a gift bag full of car care products.

Ride safe and enjoy the photo gallery!

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