Polestar’s 68-Horsepower Performance Software Upgrade for North America


Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, has released an affordable performance software upgrade for the Long range Dual motor Polestar 2 in North America, raising the vehicle’s power output by 68 horsepower to a total of 476 hp. This upgrade marks the first time that Polestar has applied its software tuning heritage to an electric car, which is available to customers in the United States and Canada via an Over-the-Air (OTA) download. The permanent upgrade is a one-time cost of $1,195, delivering exceptional value without the hassle of a subscription.

The upgrade adds 68 horsepower and 15 lb.-ft of torque to the existing 408 hp and 487 lb.-ft of torque produced by the dual-motor powertrain, for a total output of 476 hp and 502 lb.-ft. Because the upgrade is software-based, the boost in performance can be downloaded directly to the vehicle without a trip to a Polestar service point, a quick and convenient process for any eligible Polestar owner. The OTA download is available online for eligible owners now in the Polestar Shop website, which is located at

Behind the wheel, the performance boost offers increased responsiveness and a sportier experience overall, and the 0-60 mph sprint time has been reduced to 4.2 seconds. The additional power and torque are primarily felt at speeds between 44 and 80 mph, resulting in even, rapid mid-range acceleration. With this upgrade, accelerating from 50 to 75 mph takes just 2.2 seconds – half a second quicker than a standard dual-motor Polestar 2.

“This upgrade highlights how connected technologies can transform the relationship a car company has with its customers,” said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. “The driving experience in Polestar 2 is something we are really proud of. It is such a fun car to drive already, but with this upgrade we can offer even more to our customers who might be after a little extra excitement.”

The ability to order the upgrade online for remote download provides a seamless experience for Polestar customers and highlights the brand’s proficiency in the increasingly digital automotive world. To learn more about the upgrade, please visit the Polestar website here.


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