Porsche Design Complements 2011 Eyewear Collection

Porsche Design Sunglasses model P8478a

Porsche Design Eyewear presents an extensive expansion of the exclusive collection: With additional sizes of the design classic P’8478, sporty high-tech sunglasses, and a new model of the ladies collection that was launched in 2010, the luxury brand is showing its most beautiful side and consistently continuing its philosophy. Reduced shapes, innovative technology and selected materials characterise the appearance of the legendary Porsche Design spectacles.

The Legend Lives: The heritage spectacles P’8478 in two new sizes

It was the first Porsche Design spectacles of them all, developed by none less than Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, and is one of the most successful models to date: the so-called “exclusive spectacles” or also P’8478. The design of this classic has remained unchanged since 1978. The P’8478 has only changed through the use of ultralight titanium, adapting it to the state of the art of the 21st century. The lens replacement mechanism was and is revolutionary, and makes adaptation to different visual requirements and light conditions possible. That way, the cool pilot spectacles stand not only for fashionable style-consciousness, but they are very convincing with their well thought out functionality. These are features that ladies can now enjoy. This is because the new sizes M and S expand the range of wearers of the P’8478, which was targeted mainly at men because of the XL and L sizes that were available until now. With a total of four sizes with four colour versions each, the P’8478 advances to a classic for any face shape. As was the case in 1978, it completely embodies the philosophy of Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche even today: “If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.”

Honeycomb: Technical innovation, naturally inspired

Porsche Design is starting a new line for men with two sporty sunglasses that are characterised by an extremely solid structure that is light at the same time. It is called Honeycomb. The original honeycomb from bees is the inspiration and design template for these high-tech spectacles. The structure of honeycomb has been used for a long time in aerospace and automobile technology – exactly where the material has to have high strength as well as lightness.

Porsche Design is presenting the sunglasses in the shield look in two variations. The P’8527 is convincing due to its consistent styling with striking, angular traits; the P’8528 is designed as a sporty version that is distinguished by a large and round shaped shield. The conceptual background of the spectacles is seen clearly in the choice of material and the design of the sides. Although the outside of the spectacles is made of an extremely stable, high-tech plastic, the inside of the sides has the characteristic honeycomb structure in the form of a soft rubber insert. The benefit of this highly functional material can be seen by the fact that the spectacles do not slip and the sides automatically adjust to the shape of the wearer’s head – which makes the spectacles especially pleasant to wear.

The colors of the sides are designed such that they meet a great variety of demands. The colour combination of grey-orange, for example, takes the offensive as the honeycomb structure shimmers through the translucent sides. In contrast, the version in opaque black with a brown soft rubber insert is more discrete and subtle. In all variations, the colour of the tinting of the shield perfectly matches the soft rubber insert. A further expansion of this new line with sunglasses and correction frames is planned for the second half of the year.

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