Porsche Panamera Hybrid: AutoGanic Performance

Porsche Panamera Hybrid

Did you know Porsche built the first hybrid vehicle in 1900? True indeed they were ahead of the times. Fast forward to 2011 and you have another autoganic piece of work from the German sports car company. Take the already stunning Panamera 4-door sports sedan, add a 47 horsepower electric motor to assist the 333 horsepower base V6, and the result is a vehicle that can race from 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds, yet return more than 30 mpg. The Panamera Hybrid is a true four-seater, and all positions offer luxury and superior comfort. Of course, the driver’s position is our favorite, as we love to play with Panamera’s standard fare of gee-whiz high technology.

With pricing starting at $95,000, the Panamera Hybrid is sure to appease even the most jaded Porsche enthusiasts, who will appreciate its pure Porsche roots and commitment to save precious resources.

We’ll certainly conduct an in-depth review when a Panamera Hybrid hits Automotive Rhythms’ driveway.

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