Prestone Antifreeze is 5X More Effective at Corrosion Protection

5050-cor-guardPrestone Products Corporation, the leader in under-the-hood chemicals, announced today that Prestone® antifreeze/coolant with patented Cor-Guard® corrosion inhibitors is five times more effective at protecting against corrosion than the leading branded competitor. Guaranteed for all vehicles, Prestone antifreeze/coolant delivers longer engine life. Engineered with Cor-Guard®, this Prestone product sets the industry standard in fighting against corrosion and keeping cooling systems running more efficiently.

Prestone‘s Cor-Guard formula reduces the risk of breakdowns, and keeps engines free from the damaging effects of worn-out antifreeze. Corrosion is the enemy of any cooling system, robbing engines of performance and causing premature failure. Prestone offers a unique solution to this issue through this patented corrosion inhibitor package, preventing corrosion from forming on water pumps and radiators better than the next leading branded competitor.

Prestone‘s Cor-Guard formula is a result of seven years of research and development at the renowned Prestone® Innovation Center. It improves existing technology while maintaining the versatility to work in any car and light-duty truck.

Prestone‘s Cor-Guard formula is available in two products. Prestone® Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant should only be used to fill radiators after a thorough flush and clean. Alternatively, Prestone® 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant is a quick and convenient way to top off a car’s cooling system with the superior protection of Prestone’s Cor-Guard formula. It can be added to any existing fluid to optimize the cooling system.

For more information, or to locate a retailer to purchase Prestone antifreeze/coolant with the Cor-Guard formula, please visit For a demonstration of any Prestone product, visit the Prestone YouTube channel.


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