Professional Drivers launch the VIATOR GEAR RFID ARMOR Wallet


The VIATOR GEAR RFID ARMOR Wallet was the “brain child” of two professional racecar drivers, Nolan Wilson and Toby Grahovec, who travel the country on a weekly basis. This inspired us to become passionate about creating RFID blocking products that protect our own personal information, as well as that of our customers.

What is VIATOR GEAR RFID ARMOR Technology?
As recently referenced in the New York Times, the same RFID blocking technology within our wallets is currently used by the U.S. Military and the President of the United States for the purpose of national defense. We call our exclusive identity theft technology “VIATOR GEAR RFID ARMOR™.” This state-of-the-art technology is certified, N.A.T.O. approved and specifically designed to provide global protection from RFID identity theft. As our ARMOR is used by the most powerful militaries in the world, we are constantly researching and developing to stay on the cutting edge of shielding technology. Other notable organizations that are also using our technology include: Ferrari, Boeing and Formula 1. RFID ARMOR technology is available throughout our entire product line. VIATOR GEAR products are 100 % made in the USA.

VIATOR GEAR RFID ARMOR Wallet_What features distinguish VIATOR GEAR’S RFID ARMOR wallets from other brands?

Proudly handcrafted in the United States of America, these refined wallets are comprised of Italian made fabric with a complex blend of Rip Stop Nylon and Super Bondcote materials. Unlike many other wallet manufacturers who use cardboard or paper “filler” inside their wallets for support, VIATOR GEAR uses a highly durable nylon. This strong sheet of tightly woven fibers provides a sturdy frame that does not sacrifice our razor thin design. Our components are also double and triple stitched for additional strength and longevity. The VIATOR GEAR RFID ARMO wallet contains 6 horizontal pockets and 2 vertical pockets for organization. Offered in 6 unique color combinations – Night Train (black), Bond (black/grey), Titanium (grey), Wave (blue), Fire (red) and Ice (white), we are sure that we have created an ARMOR wallet that will speak to your unique personality and taste.

“Viator” is Latin for traveler. Our company was founded on one premise, to offer a collection innovative and modern accessories for the sophisticated traveler. For additional information about our company and products, please visit

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