Refreshed 2025 Genesis Electrified G80 presented in South Korea

The new Electrified G80 is Genesis’ first model redesign since its global debut three years ago. Genesis elongated the wheelbase to add elegance and meet the demand for more rear comfort. The Korean automaker also added rear-wheel steering for driving agility and safety. The electric driving range was increased as well. The chrome garnish that envelopes the front, side, and rear further elevates the look of the vehicle, along with Genesis’ signature parabolic lines flowing over the new dish-style 19” rims.

The front fascia features the brand’s iconic G-Matrix Crest Grille with Micro Lens Array (MLA) headlamps and a refined bumper, accentuating Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design philosophy.

Inside the Electrified G80, a roomier second-row area provides various innovative features to enhance passenger comfort. For example, after entering the cabin, passengers can close the door by pushing a button using the EasyClose system and settle into reclining VIP seats with leg rests behind a rear window curtain. Stay tuned for more details!

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