Return to Where it all Began: TRON Legacy

Beau Garrett

Geoff Reeves

The computerized world of 0’s and 1’s was introduced to the silver screen long before it had a tint green hue, action heroes traveling to worlds via telephone lines and swirling 360 degree visuals. The original had visually stunning lights outlining solid structures, Light Bikes, Identity Discs and was a digital, futuristic gladiator world called TRON.


Opening on December 17, 2010, Disney’s TRON Legacy, directed by Joseph Kosinski, is the next chapter in the saga. If you are under 25 years of age you probably never heard of this franchise until the recent billboards, commercials and Disney toys started popping up.

Not wanting to give the story away, TRON Legacy rolls right off the back of its 1982 predecessor and stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and the beautiful Olivia Wilde. The world Kosinski presents has evolved from the original, similarly to how computers have evolved. My compliments to the set designers for doing a fantastic job recreating FLYNN’s arcade. It looks like it did almost 20 years ago taking me back to my youth. The Director of Lighting and his team lit the computer world with awesome looking accents and the costume department made motorcycle suits very cool. As for the gadgets, I want a Light Cycle and Light Runner. Both are a must have.


I was a bit skeptical about 3D and IMAX combo, thinking it might be sensory overload. However, the 3D provided a quality depth within the screen rather than have objects shooting out at you, thank goodness. IMAX situates you IN the world next to the characters and IN the middle of the action.

TRON Legacy has to be seen in the theaters to capture its full effect, both its imagery and sound are made for it. So grab some popcorn and nachos, sit back and let yourself visit or revisit a world you haven’t seen in years while enjoying the second installment of an enjoyable storyline. I can’t wait to see it again!

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