the new Bentayga

New Video: 2021 Ghost White Bentley Bentayga: Embodiment of Opulence

 The majestic, hand-crafted 2021 Ghost White Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV served Automotive Rhythms dutifully during our week-long media drive. With enthralling pulling power, especially in Sport mode, its exemplary performance shaped our impulses with rhythmic beauty from the newly-developed 4-liter twin-scroll turbocharged V8 pushing out 542-horsepower and 568-lb ft

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2021 Bentley Bentayga: New Year Dreams

 Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins, Photos by Garvin St. Villier Ah yes, much love and appreciation to Bentley Motors for blessing Automotive Rhythms with a Ghost White 2021 Bentayga for the cheers of New Year. The definitive luxury performance SUV was the perfect sled for spreading peace and happiness

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