Talk from the Top: The 2011 Jaguar XJ

Automotive Rhythms speaks with Jaguar Land Rover, Vice President of Communications, Stuart Schorr the evening of Automotive Rhythms’ New York Auto Shop VIP Affair with Jaguar to unveil the XJ to the industry, NY influencers and media. It didn’t hurt that AR invited New York Giants Osi Umenyiora and Danny Ware to host the luxury event.


AR: Talk for a moment about the new Jaguar and how it’s part of the brand’s evolution.

The overcrowded luxury vehicle marketplace and consumers ever-evolving tastes has forced major traditional luxury brands like Jaguar to re-evaluate everything about their brand, from the design of their products to how they go to market.  Traditionally known as a classic luxury car manufacturer, with a focus on its British heritage, Jaguar’s marketing and design team understood full-well that in order to survive, a wholesale modernization was required.  The new XJ finalizes the overhaul of the Jaguar lineup from traditional to modern luxury.  We are especially proud that the new XJ made its entertainment industry debut in Jay-Z’s video for “On To The Next One” from the Blueprint 3.

AR: Tell me what makes a car like the Jaguar XJ stand apart from other luxury brands? 

SS: The Jaguar XJ is a breakthrough luxury automobile that is sporty, dramatic and sleek. The car stands out from the crowd and makes an immediate statement. The interior of the car is indulgent, exciting and extremely high-tech. The XJ has to be seen to be believed, and driven to be fully appreciated.

AR: What three adjectives come to mind when you think about Jaguar automobiles?

SS: Beautiful, fast, modern.

AR: What were the most interesting comments you’ve received from the automotive press here in NYC?

SS: Media are most surprised that the XJ is actually priced below the competition, yet feels and looks like it should be the most expensive in class.  The consensus opinion is Jaguar is back and the XJ will be a huge hit.

AR: Tell me how beneficial it is to have Jaguar associated with positive brands like the 40/40 Club and with stand-up players like Danny Ware and Osi Umenyiora.

SS: The new Jaguar lineup of beautiful, fast cars are especially appealing to successful tastemakers in sports, entertainment and fashion arenas. Jay-Z’s club was the perfect, high-end fun place to bring the car to the marketplace and there was genuine excitement to have Danny and Osi mingling with the crowd.  Plus, the guys loved the new Jag.

AR: What’s the company’s expectations for 2011?

Starting in 2010, the new Jaguar lineup will be complete with the XF sports sedan, XK sports car and the XJ luxury sedan. And this year we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary and our return to racing. All in all, this is an incredible year and will drive our momentum in the market for the next few years.

AR: Are there other events planned during the Jaguar rollout – and if so, which in particular are going to be as off-the-hook and exciting as last night?


SS: Over the next 6 months, Jaguar will have a major presence in its three biggest markets, L.A., NYC, and Miami. Keep an eye out for Jaguar, we will be on the streets, at events, on TV and at concerts.  Jaguar will be everywhere!


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