The Drive By: Kyle Arrington & the Chrysler 300 Mopar Edition


Draft stock?

My name is Kyle Arrington and I’m a professional football player (cornerback) with the Baltimore Ravens. I was on the New England Patriots Super Bowl winning team in 2015. I also led the NFL with 7 interceptions back in 2011.

Top vehicle picks?

My favorite vehicle of all time is the Dodge Charger. As an early graduation gift while still in college my parents purchased me a 2006 Dodge Charger SXT. I was in love with that ride the moment I saw it, and to this day I still have a thing for American muscle.

When did you realize that you were an auto fanatic?

I guess it was when I bought my first vehicle when realizing that I had an appreciation for autos. It was a 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T. After my first experience with a Hemi engine there was no going back. There is something special about its power and sound that makes you feel in complete control of the road. In that moment nothing else matters.

How is the Automotive Rhythms Moparized Chrysler 300?

Driving the Moparized Chrysler 300 has been nostalgic to say the least. It brings me back to the time I enjoyed the Hemi power for the first time, and the technology to go along with it is even more enjoyable. The black Mopar rims are light and exact and the Yokohama tires feel planted and offer a load of grip.

Tell us more about your Hemi experience.

The Hemi’s power in the Chrysler 300 is amazing. Yet, most driving instances I forget that it has a Sport mode. So, even while in Comfort mode the American bad boy takes off like a rocket when I press down on the metal Mopar pedal. But once I did engage the 300 in Sport mode, there is hardly any comparison! The mix between the acceleration, exhaust notes, power and shift points is a perfect. It left me totally satisfied. And once you exit the vehicle the only thing you are thinking about is when you’re going to get back in it.

Any lifestyle experiences with the 300?

I’ve driven the Red Velvet Pearl Coated sedan to a few particularly exciting places, one of which comes to mind was a teammate’s wedding. Many of the guests got a chance to witness the 300 since of course I always valet. Those Black 20” Mopar rims had to be seen! I fielded many questions about its performance as well as its interior features like Uconnect. I may have even sold one or two (Lol). And the cat-back exhaust became everyone’s best friend.

Last thoughts?

In conclusion, I’ve had an amazing experience driving this high-performance, American peace of artwork. I’ve recently been online looking at new and used 300s the past few days. It’s a shame they discontinued the SRT models in the United States. But thank God for Mopar!


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