The new 2020 BMW X5 M and X6 M

The new 2020 BMW X5 M and X6 M

  • 3rd Generation of BMW M Sports Activity Vehicle and Sports Activity Coupe
  • 600 hp X5 M and X6 M models with 617 hp Competition models available.
  • Market launch Spring of 2020.
  • Pricing begins at $105,100 for X5 M and $114,100 for X5 M Competition plus $995 Dest.
  • Pricing begins at $108,600 X6 M and $117,600 for X6 M Competition plus $995 Dest.

Today, BMW introduces the new, 3rd generation of the M GmbH brand’s exclusive, track-capable X5 and X6 based vehicles, the X5 M Sports Activity Vehicle and X6 M Sports Activity Coupe. The newest M SAV and SAC vehicles offer more power and performance, improved luxury and comfort over the vehicles that they are replacing while also featuring the latest in driver assistance, personal connectivity and infotainment.

Since the introduction of the M1 in 1978, the engineers at BMW M have been driven by a single-minded passion for combining authentic motorsport functionality with everyday usability. Each M car must fulfill the highest customer expectations, not only for agility, dynamics and power but also the expression of individuality.

Power in the new X5 M and X6 M comes from the high-revving, twin-turbocharged S63 V8 engine generating 600 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 553 lb-ft @ 1,800 – 5,690 rpm. This is an increase of 33 hp and 1,090 rpm wider full torque range than the outgoing 2nd generation models. The Competition models produce an increased 617 hp and 553 lb-ft @ 1,800 – 5,860 rpm. Working with the M Steptronic eight-speed automatic transmission with Drivelogic, the M xDrive all-wheel drive system with Active M differential, the power and traction allows the X5 M and X6 M to sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds (3.7 seconds for the Competition models). Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph, which increases to 177 mph with the optional M Driver’s Package which also includes an invitation for driver training at BMW’s Performance Center East (in Greer, SC) or West (in Thermal, CA) Driving Schools.

The BMW S63 TwinPower turbocharged eight-cylinder engine features indirect, highly- efficient liquid-to-air intercooling, a cross-bank exhaust manifold to improve gas-flow out of the cylinders and into the turbochargers, direct injection operating at 5,076 psi and VALVETRONIC variable-valve timing. The block is of a closed-deck design with sleeveless cylinder walls and a forged crankshaft.
A dual-branch exhaust system, designed specifically for the X5 M and X6 M offers an enticing sound emanating from the pair of 100 mm tailpipes with electrically controlled flaps. The exhaust note can be softened or increased via the M Sound Control button in the center console. The Competition models’ note is further enhanced with a standard M Sport Exhaust system which provides for a more sporty sound to match the models’ increased capabilities.
The cooling system in the new X5 M, X6 M and Competition models is designed to handle the highest demands which may be placed upon the vehicle by the driver or environment. A central front radiator is joined by a secondary cooler in the front, passenger-side wheel opening. Liquid cooling is available for the engine oil, transmission oil and turbochargers. A secondary oil sump is installed for when lateral or longitudinal forces place extra demands on the engine oil supply.


The engine mounts are of a stiffer design and help improve both engine response and the transfer of power through the transmission and M xDrive system while also providing sharper turn in from the chassis.
The eight-speed M Steptronic transmission offers both automatic and manual shift modes with three selectable levels of programming controlling shift speed and sharpness. M shift paddles allow for quick manual shifting without removing your hands from the wheel.

Intelligent connectivity allows the M Steptronic to adapt its shift strategy according to the route and driving situation by working with the standard Navigation System and if equipped, combining this data with information from the Active Cruise Control system’s radar sensor. This makes it possible for the transmission to shift proactively instead of reactively insuring that the X5 M and X6 M are always in the correct gear for the upcoming road conditions.


The M xDrive system has been engineered to handle the full transfer of 553 lb-ft of torque from a low 1,800 rpm and to work with the chassis to provide the X5 M and X6 M with class- leading traction and handling capabilities in dry and slippery road conditions as well as during the increased demands of track driving.

An electronically controlled multi-plate clutch quickly, precisely and smoothly transfers the power between the front and rear axles while the Active M Differential further divides the power between the two rear wheels as conditions dictate.

The rear-bias of the M xDrive system normally sends power to the rear wheels to produce the kind of handling characteristics for which M cars are known for. Only when additional traction is required is power directed to the front axle.

The M xDrive and Active M Differential are linked with the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) which is tuned to intervene only in extreme situations.

Drivers can also select from several all-wheel drive modes to tailor the experience to their liking. The default 4WD setting offers, excellent handling with maximum traction while the 4WD Sport setting brings an increased proportion of torque transfer to the rear wheels for a substantial increase in vehicle agility during spirited driving.


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