Vintage Wheels Premieres Automotive “Taste Test” for Discovering the Classics that Match Your Style

Vintage-WheelsPowerful new search engine helps shoppers and browsers discover their own slice of the world of classic cars

Vintage Wheels, the new website designed to make classic car shopping fun, fast and simple has launched the “Classic Car Taste Test,” a unique and entertaining way to discover cars that might be the perfect fit for your driveway, collection – or dreams. By answering just ten quick questions about automotive preferences, aesthetics and lifestyle, a participant gets a curated selection of “matches” that might include anything from a 1912 Ford Model T to a 1992 Ferrari F40.

 With seven times more inventory than any single pre-owned car site, Vintage Wheels is the definitive destination for finding a top-quality retro ride or collector car.

 “We love vintage cars, we love data, and the personalization algorithms that drive the Taste Test merge two very different worlds”, said Brendan Sudol, analyst on the Vintage Wheels team and lead architect of the test. “There are literally thousands of classic car models. We designed the Taste Test to make discovery as simple and user friendly as possible. Answer ten questions, and we’ll recommend you a few dozen cars. That’s it.”

The Vintage Wheels team developed the “Taste Test” by analyzing hundreds of thousands of site page views and searches. This is not Sudol’s first foray into personalization applications. Sudol and the Vintage Wheels team have worked on similar applications at technology leaders like Etsy, Apple and Google. Sudol says that the goal isn’t to just show off technology. Instead, Vintage Wheels has been designed as a small step to making classic cars more accessible and easy to locate for anyone who appreciates their rich history, endless diversity and iconic design and technology.

About Vintage Wheels

Vintage Wheels is building the world’s most comprehensive database of classic and vintage

cars. This includes not just blue chip collector vehicles but any out-of-production cars with nostalgic value. The site is the brainchild of Radico, a Brooklyn based startup specializing in online marketplaces and founded by serial entrepreneurs and data scientists from Etsy, Apple, and Google.

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