2011 BMW 5 Series: Lisbon, Portugal

2011 BMW 5 Series Sedan: 1st Drive in Portugal


2011 BMW 5 Series: Lisbon, Portugal

The moral of the story is simple, “Love the life you live and live the life you love.” So when the delayed voice-mail came in that I hadn’t signed up to join my auto comrades in Lisbon, Portugal to play around with the nucleus of the BMW family – the 5 Series – I immediately switched gears faster than their new “Sport Automatic” 8-speed transmission, cleared my schedule and commenced working on my Portuguese. Obrigado (thank you) BMW was my initial thought, for the Bimmer “5” definitely makes its case to start at shooting guard on Automotive Rhythms’ all-time starting five (no pun intended). The enlightenment of experimenting with the 5 Series on the glorious Oceanside roads of Cascais and Estoril racetrack in Portugal is what I deem a “profound moment of exposure!”

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