2013 Cadillac XTS: Field of Dreams

2013 Cadillac XTS

Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams left moviegoers with one of the most memorable cinematic idioms of our time. More satire than truth, but moreover, purposeful to say the least. “Build it and he will come!” And in the world of consumer leverage, “he” represents the millions of new car buyers looking for a vehicle that astutely fits their needs, yet it may not be available currently. Well, now we can insert another idiom rightful for the current moment at hand. “This is not your father’s Cadillac!”


Cadillac, who once played in the field of large luxury sedans with the STS and DTS, has returned to the game with a player that rivals the Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. Yet its size and endless array of amenities and technology also lets it scrimmage with bigger boys like the Lexus LS. Known mostly for SUVs and crossovers opposed to large, luxurious sedans this past decade, Cadillac put emphasis on its CTS brand which catapulted the company’s design strategy into the future with sharp, angular lines and edgy, technological interiors. Not only is the all-new 2013 XTS full-size sedan the first all-new vehicle launch for Cadillac since the SRX in 2009, it adds another recruit to their much needed product roster. At the time of inception, I wonder if their product planners were listening to Sam Cooke as he gracefully sang the line “It’s been a long time coming, but a change is going to come.”


Innovation is Cadillac’s hallmark according to VP of Marketing Don Butler. Their mission is to represent the standard of the world he adds. I can concur with a large majority of this statement as I had the chance to drive the XTS recently in the hills of Mulholland Drive and on the Pacific Coast Highway. One of the sedan’s top innovations is CUE (Cadillac User Experience) which debuts on the 2013 XTS. The touchscreen multi-media interface incorporates OnStar with automatic crash response, navigation, weather reports, audio, Bluetooth, climate control, and my favorite, Pandora Internet radio. After syncing an iPhone 4 through Bluetooth I was then able to listen to Pandora playlists while operating it using CUE’s touch controls. Keep it mind the Pandora integration requires usage from your cell phone’s data plan. The CD changer is old school and found in the glovebox. The weather button is detailed and precise and lists temperature hourly, daily or by each 36-hour period just as your Weather Channel phone app does. Voice command was another added benefit but at times it misunderstood our audible requests. If you have a passenger in their seat then you can use the Nav system while the car is in motion, otherwise it’s not functional. CUE is very intelligent but has a specific learning curve and new owners, whether younger or older will need operational instructions on how to use it properly just as Apple does with its free in-store workshops for new users. And speaking of Apple, every XTS purchase comes with an iPad installed with the CUE app that enables shoppers to “test drive” the system.

Built off the same platform as the Buick LaCrosse, the XTS utilizes a 3.6-liter direct injection six cylinder engine with 304-horsepower. Currently no V8 will be offered and its highly unlikely Cadillac will explore a V-Series edition. At first I was skeptical of the smaller motor but it proved worthy on the roads. Plus, its 6-speed automatic transmission allows the driver to manipulate power through its tap-up/tap-down shifters. Just put the gearshift lever in manual — which automatically engages sport mode — in order to use the steering mounted paddles. When downshifting in sport mode before a complete stop power transfer is abrupt and not as smooth as it could be. A bit of software tuning should fix that. The XTS is either FWD or AWD with an eLSD (electronic Limited Slip Differential) to send traction to the wheel (s) that need it most. It’s not a full-time AWD drive system like Audi’s quattro. Innovation comes back into play with standard front Brembo brakes, rear air springs, Magnetic Ride Control (assesses changing road conditions), Intelligent Brake Assist, StabiliTrak, and Rear Park Assist. Bose, a perennial leader in home and car audio, offers two systems for the XTS: the optional 14-speaker Bose Studio Surround sound system or the standard eight-speaker system. I particularly enjoyed the driver and passenger speakers that sit atop each of the leather seats for a true surround sound experience.

There are four distinct XTS models offered including the $44,995 XTS Standard; the $49,610 Luxury Collection; the $54,505 Premium Collection; and the $59,080 Platinum Collection which is the top-of-the-line model. Platinum gives you specific 20” rims, UltraView Sunroof, rear window shades, and unique woods.

More technology is offered by way of a the Driver Awareness Package inclusive of a Safety Alert Seat which vibrates when the vehicle steers out of its lane, when other objects come close to the XTS’ exterior, and much more. Cameras and radar sensors work together to provide this safety service. The vibration is surprising at first but you get used to it. Another favorite is collision mitigation braking which will help stop the vehicle if the driver doesn’t brake hard enough. From 20 mph it will stop the XTS completely and from higher speeds it will brake the vehicle but not completely.

2013 Cadillac XTS

The interior is absolutely the XTS’ strongest characteristic. Cadillac Interior designer Christine Park was on hand to explain how the theme was manifested. The focus was a multi-contoured cabin with varying materials to create the elegant theme. Leather, brushed aluminum, and woods commingle to form a sexy, formidable and inviting interior. The future is also presented by way of the cartoon caricature digital gauges. Jaguar and Land Rover use a similar set-up. But is the state of the art technology a bit too much for the demographic Cadillac is going after with this vehicle? Maybe, maybe not. I’m sure the graphics will get much better whereas they mimic analog gauges or to the point where they feel or look real. One cool feature is the ability to change the settings to either of four varying displays. For example the performance setting shows an enlarged tachometer.

The new XTS is luxurious, simple and balanced. It fills a void in the Cadillac stable and allows them to attract shoppers looking for large luxury. It will continue to improve and exceed expectations. For now, it’s an advanced start.

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