2017 Daytona Beach Bike Week: The Granddaddy of Bike Gatherings

Experienced by Leon L. Brittain

Hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists from near and far make the trek to Florida for the annual and world renowned Daytona Beach Bike Week to partake in cadre of motor festivities including Destination Daytona for the various bagger contests, Daytona International Speedway with vendors galore and the action on the track, Beach Street for more showcases and top builders, the soul of bike week on McLeod Boulevard, the legendary Rat’s Hole custom competition and of course the live action on Main Street.

But that’s not all the action the granddaddy of all bike weeks has to offer it. One of Daytona Bike Week’s oldest and most popular hang-out spot and custom bike show takes place an old, dusty and grassy cabbage patch, hence the name Spotonick’s Cabbage Patch Bar. This show continuously attracts some of the biggest names in the industry with bikes touched by Unknown Customs, Backyard Baggers, Sin Worx, Curlys Inc., Kory Souza Originals, Mad Wheels, Crazy Beaver Customs and SRM Paint Werks to name a few as well as attracting newcomers such as Bagger Boyz looking to make their mark in the world of big wheels with sounds that thump the farmland.

Bike Week as always was MC’d by the popular and entertaining Mr. Rick Ackers of Radical Promotions who laid out the basic premise of the bike show. “We know these bikes are ridden and not just beauty queens, so we don’t care of about the dust. We’re looking at the quality of the build, paint and sound, so you can get back to riding,” he stated with honest humor.

Assisting with suggestions for future audio contests was none other than Rickie, CEO of Team Money Cycles (TMC), who was graciously invited on stage to share news of the upcoming Sound Off Series kicking off in Myrtle Beach May 26th throughout the summer with the grand finale in Philly August 19th in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Sure, the venue may be an old cabbage patch but that element combined with its history and Radical Randy is what made this competition alluring as evidenced by the more than expected entries of 141 customs in the show and even more in attendance to enjoy. Plans are already in the works for an even bigger and better show. We can hardly wait!

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