LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR: The Ultimate Riding Machine

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Wow, what a fulfilling and therapeutic experience completing the motorsports-focused LEGO Technic M 1000 RR, conceived directly in partnership with BMW. After snapping together 1,920 intricate pieces and following 699 steps and 366 pages over two weeks, the 1:5 scale motorcycle came to life while bringing me satisfaction and hours of brain exercise. Specified as a collection of LEGO builds for adults, this particular Technic model #42130 is the perfect gift for yourself, auto-aficionado friends, or creative family members. The set retails for $249.99 at

As a BMW M fanatic, I instantly fell in love and continue to treat it gently like a newborn. With traditional red, white, and blue BMW livery, a 3-speed (+ neutral) gearbox, full suspension, rotating chain, and a 4-piston engine, the Bavarian superbike from the BMW Motorrad team lives up to the performance hype. Some people I showcased the M 1000 RR to even thought it was a new Transformer.

Remember that you don’t have to rush to finish the project because that defeats the purpose of spending methodical time alone while casting out daily distractions. Plus, there will be times when you have to go over a series of sequences a few times for proper placement of parts. At least twice I had to refer to YouTube videos to zero in on specific instructions since the guidebook is “picture only” with no text descriptions. And please, do not question the order because 10 to 15 steps later the magic will come to fruition as you think “ha” out loud. Yes, the Technic crews are creative geniuses. LEGO will instruct you to construct a display platform to prop the bike while piecing the unit together. The very last step is assembling the interchangeable racing stand.

The toymaker, which produced its first interlocking brick 60 years ago, also makes an array of elaborate building sets, some based on franchises like Star Wars, and robotic and digital products. In addition, it has expanded into other modes of entertainment including movies and theme parks. Well, now I need another Technic project, so hopefully I can find the currently sold-out Bugatti Veyron set! Wish me luck.

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