A Preview of the 2022 Range Rover: New Levels of Emotional Engagement

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

The opulent and mechanically-savvy Range Rover (RR) is the consummate SUV for connoisseurs of the finer things in life, from travel to housing to automotive. Over the past 50 years, Land Rover has asserted its dominance in the US marketplace while appeasing the minds and souls of its loyal consumer base. Spend a few moments in the neighborhood of Hollywood Hills, for example, and you will see the omnipresent vehicle dominate every block. A Range Rover is not just a means of driving pleasure, but a representation and symbolism of your achievements which should always be celebrated.

To introduce the 2022 Range Rover luxury SUV, Land Rover held an exclusive gathering at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Hollywood, CA where executives, including Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern, presented the 5th generation model to the media, enthusiasts, and lifestyle influencers. Fans will be happy to hear about the addition of a three-row, 7-passenger variant as well as the opulent SV Serenity LWB (Long Wheelbase) edition that feels Queen and Kingly when seated in the rear. In 2024, a pure-electric Range Rover will add to the current 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged stalwart V8 engine distributing 523-horsepower and 553 lb.-ft. of torque. Dynamic Launch provides a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds.

“The New Range Rover is a vehicle with a peerless character, from the impeccable restraint of its exterior to the flawless tranquil sanctuary of its cabin,” stated Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover. “Informed by creative intellect and a desire for perfection, it doesn’t follow fashion or trend, but by a modernist design philosophy, combined with over 50 years of evolution, it is quite simply the most desirable Range Rover ever created.”

The 5th generation Range Rover is ripe with refinement and presents sophisticated engineering innovation and aspirational design techniques both externally and inside the exquisite cabin. Moreover, the RR is the best-selling luxury vehicle model over $100,000. However, the British SUV has also been problematic from a quality control standpoint, so hopefully, the reinvention addresses the concerns of prior generations. Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates for the 70 electronic modules could be the solution, but only time will tell. If so, technical supremacy from Land Rover will prove to be worthy at this inflection point of creative significance.

During the business presentation, Land Rover stated that one of the goals is to connect with consumers on a desirable level and delve into their consciousness to understand focal points of decision-making. Do I desire it? Does it do what it is supposed to do? Is it reflective? To ascertain objectives were met, a key differentiator for Land Rover was introduced under the designation “modernism.” This equates to margins free from excess and limitations. The formula provides a clean and reductive design flow. The vehicle now presents flush extremities such as the door handles and a decrease in lines for a cleaner flow. Additionally, its outline is more aerodynamic and resembles an electric vehicle with a futuristic interpretation of the traditional Range Rover.

Other highlights include vertical taillamps hidden in Gloss Black when not in use and light up as Vivid Red LEDs when operational. Digital LED headlights can blank out reflections while focusing on 16 objects simultaneously. Unique hues and two-tone front-to-rear contrasting colorways (SV) will make your vehicle pop and stand out from the crowd. As well, the body architecture is up to 50% stiffer thanks to MLA-Flex technology.

We all know that luxury SUV owners rarely take their precious gems off-road, but it’s a tradition for Land Rover’s fleet, including the New Range Rover. With Terrain Response 2 and six driving modes, the RR can still cruise through water and rise 5.7” over standard ride height through the all-new Electric Air Suspension with Bilstein monotube dampers. Intelligent All-Wheel Drive and standard All-Wheel Steering provide optimum grip and a turning radius comparable to compact vehicles. Lastly, a Dynamic Response Pro and pre-emptive suspension and eHorizon Navigation data analyze the road ahead and prepare the SUV to respond accordingly.

Open up the Power-Assisted Doors for a warm presentation of intelligence, purity, and relaxing ambiances. Unique materials and premium textiles feature smooth ceramics like the gear shifter, intricate mosaic marquetry, lustrous plated metals, soft near-aniline leather, as well as sustainable non-leather Ultrafabrics and Kvadra wool-blend. A new 13.1″ curved, floating touchscreen with haptic feedback and Pivi Pro Infotainment take center stage with 90% of all functions just two touches away. Previously, it was utter confusion trying to navigate through the menus. Additional conveniences come in the form of a built-in Amazon Alexa system with instinctual verbal commands for music, navigation, smart home devices, etc., 1,600-watt Meridian Signature Sound System, Next-generation Active Noise Cancellation technology, intuitive climate control, lit multifunctional steering wheel controls, 11.4” rear touchscreens, 14 power and data points for connection, and WiFi hotspot for eight devices.

With the wheelbase increased by 3” legroom also has been improved. Land Rover added tailgate seating for the rear, but the setup is pretty disappointing since it’s nothing more than simple pads. In addition to the standard wheelbase, the RR comes in three LWB seating configurations, including the normal 5-seat variation, a 4-seat SV Signature Suite configuration, and the three-row 7-seater, which will compete with the Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. But I find the proportions too bulky and the model’s disposition entering the scene a bit too late. BMW attempted a three-row SUV with the X7, and it still hasn’t caught on in popularity.

Handcrafted by Special Vehicle Operations, the specifically curated SV Serenity and SV Intrepid design themes amplify an already highly desirable vehicle. Priced from $104,000 in the US, the New Range Rover is available to order now. Expect deliveries to begin in spring 2022.

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