Gallery Automotive Rhythms & RIDEMAKERZ @ THE 2010 Washington Auto Show

Automotive Rhythms  & RIDEMAKERZ @ THE 2010 Washington Auto Show

Children found their inner engineering skills at The Washington Auto Show as they tricked out their very own RIDEMAKERZ car with team Automotive Rhythms. Simply put, RIDEMAKERZ is about the joy and fun of creating something great, something artistic, something unique and original. RIDEMAKERZ invites guests, or “Customizers,” into the ultimate car-customizing experience, where they can CHOOZE, SONICIZE, MOBILIZE, MOTORIZE, CUSTOMIZE, PERSONALIZE and CRUIZE one-of-a-kind RIDEZ. Between the body styles and colors, TREADZ and WHEELZ, lights and sounds, accessories and DECALZ, there are more than 649 million possible combinations, not including individual decal placement! “Along with the cool gadgets and accessories, this special promotion with RIDEMAKERZ offers kids a terrific opportunity for education and exploration,” said Kimatni Rawlins, president of Automotive Rhythms.

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