2016 Jaguar F-PACE Power Loop Stunt

The F-PACE is robust, agile, and resilient. How else would the Jaguar CUV been able to attack the ramp at 53 mph on the 19.1-meter high loop structure, slow down to just 15 mph for the upside down action, and then accelerate back up to 45 mph through the exit to the fanfare of hundreds of cheering media and guests in attendance. Of course incredibly precise steering and precision braking were key attributes needed for the task at hand. British and legendary stunt driver Terry Grant collected his 22nd world record, which was previously accomplished in 2012 on an 18.3-meter high loop. Taking just 3 seconds in entirety, the stunt produced 6.5 G-Forces upon entrance and created loads similar to that of a fighter pilot.

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