Genesis takes a Quantum Leap with the Neolun Concept and GV60 Magma Concept

Genesis is again elevating its design, performance, and innovation stratagem with the latest bevy of concept vehicles that will dictate the company’s future as an elegant, high-tech brand. During the media week of the 2024 New York International Auto Show, VIP guests and executives gathered at Genesis House New York to witness the evolution and eternal design schemes of the electric Neolun Concept and sporty GV60 Magma Concept.

Last year during this same period, Genesis hosted me for a special unveil of the exclusive GV80 Coupe Concept, adding dimension to the portfolio with dynamic lines, sporty attributes, performance engineering, and luxury amenities. The goal of the Korean automaker is to continue expanding its roster to meet the diverse needs and evolving desires of automotive enthusiasts. Tackling two opposing spectrums of the auto industry, ultimate opulence with the breathtaking Neolun Concept and high-performance dynamics from the GV60 Magma Concept, the Korean automaker is spearheading an aggressive narrative that will meet the needs of every genre of automotive consumer.

The name “Neolun” is derived from the Greek “neo,” or new, and the Latin “luna,” which means moon. Together, it encapsulates Genesis’ technological innovation that exceeds conventional standards and sets forth the brand’s vision for the future. “The Neolun Concept was inspired by Korea’s iconic moon-shaped porcelain jars,” said Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke. “It’s the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

With over one million units sold worldwide over the company’s 8-year existence, 100 standalone Genesis retailers in the works, and new burgeoning partnerships such as the Genesis Open, the brand is constantly in a state of proliferation. Hence, the Athletic Elegance philosophy is eminently defined with the release of the new concepts. In addition, Genesis also showcased the futuristic Genesis X Gran Berlinetta VGT Concept in Gran Turismo 7 and the impressive G80 Magma Special to take on the BMW M5, Audi RS6, Mercedes-AMG, and the Cadillac CTS-V. All of the Magma concepts donned the vibrant Magma Orange hue, inspired by the brand’s Distinctly Korean ethos, which signifies the confidence and passion of Korean citizens. Moreover, the Magma brand will receive expertise from racing legend and former Porsche fanatic Jacky Ickx. The G80 Magma Concept leads with a menacing black Double G-Matrix Crest Grille.

From a styling perspective, the GV60 Magma Concept portrays a widened and lowered hatchback with horizontal quad headlights, muscular fenders, titanium-colored flow-formed 21” wheels, fins to control airflow aerodynamically, and seamless Two Lines signature taillamps. This aligns with the unique and authentic offerings at the Genesis House, where you can have a delectable Korean meal, read historical and design books, or view the array of Genesis vehicles on display. And if you live in Hudson Yards, scheduling a Genesis vehicle to move around in Manhattan comes at no cost. The Magma program adds a new dimension to Genesis, marking the brand’s expansion into high-performance cars. Genesis ultimately aims to develop a Magma model for each production vehicle in the existing lineup, maximizing both aesthetics and performance. Revealed for the first time in New York, the GV60 Magma Concept will be among the Genesis Magma program models headed for production.

“Genesis Magma presents an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of performance and luxury for new interpretations in high-performance vehicles, with the ultimate goal of developing models exclusive to Genesis,” said Donckerwolke. “The brand will continue to reveal experimental concepts with careful consideration of both technological and aesthetic elements.”

The Neolun Concept’s exterior revolves around the “reductive design” principle — characterized by clean, refined lines that deliberately eliminate unnecessary details. Some of the highlights include distinctive coach doors, pop-up roof racks, environmentally friendly cashmere and silk leather treatments, electric side steps, a sizeable retracting screen that sits atop the dash, 180-degree swiveling front seats, and a two-toned theme dubbed “Midnight Black” and “Majestic Blue to represent Korea’s serene night sky.

The cashmere in the shade of “Royal Indigo” blends seamlessly with the vintage-inspired “Purple Silk” leather, naturally dyed with organic pigments, setting a deeply relaxing mood. The dark-colored wood floor completes the luxurious finish. The Neolun Concept’s sound system features an advanced “sound architecture” that optimally places tweeters, midrange speakers, woofers, and subwoofers for an immersive audio experience. Each speaker is strategically positioned to create a concert hall-like feel, ensuring passengers enjoy unparalleled sound quality.

It’s the opportune time for Genesis to quantum leap to the forefront of automotive innovation. The GV60 Magma Concept, G80 Magma Special, X Gran Berlinetta Concept, and Neolun Concept will be displayed alongside other Genesis production models at the 2024 New York International Auto Show, slated to open to the public on March 29 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

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