Lotus Evora GTE: One Special Limited Edition

Lotus Evora GTE

Introducing the all-mighty Lotus Evora GTE. Producing over 444 horsepower from the race developed GTE engine, this is the most powerful Lotus road car ever built. And according to company executives, the Evora GTE also delivers a comfortable and refined element to its high performance driving characteristics. Originally designed as a special limited edition for the Asian market, production will now be expanded to meet demand and reach further markets.


The clever use of carbon fiber has been integrated extensively throughout the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said, “To celebrate our successful return to Le Mans this year we created the ultimate road car racer. We will bring this car to Europe and to America. People get so excited when they see and especially hear it for the first time. It’s a very special car and will appeal to a very special type of driver – and they won’t be disappointed!”

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