17th Annual Import vs. Domestic Car Show with Automotive Rhythms

Every year in November the racing season closes out with car enthusiasts up and down the East Coast descending upon Maryland International Raceway for the Import vs. Domestic Car Show. This is a 3-day event with qualifying the first two days and racing finals on the third day. Attendance has grown incrementally over the years and now records over 20,000 spectators.
Automotive Rhythms was on the scene to witness hundreds of drag cars accelerate the quarter mile strip anywhere from six to ten seconds. The competition involved eleven bracket classes featuring head-up races in the intense import vs. domestic duel. A custom car show was another highlight with old school classics, exotics, low riders and All-American muscle cars. This area peaked a lot of spectator’s interest and initiated conversations about upgrades and price tags.
Thousands of vendors were present displaying aftermarket parts, custom paint jobs and their spin on project cars, representing an excellent opportunity for consumers to get the needed information to help their automotive dreams come true. The grand finale as with many car shows was the sizzling Bikini Contest. Impatient crowds were in awe as the beautiful ladies graced the stage making their case for why they should be crowned Import vs. Domestic beauty of the year.
Enjoy the photos!

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