2015 Timonium Motorcycle Show


2015 Timonium Motorcycle Show (35)

Experienced by Adrian McQueen

Maryland State Fairgrounds played host to one of the largest motorcycle shows on the east coast which is known as the Timonium Motorcycle Show (TMS). Even though the festivities take place during the height of winter, it surely looks like summer once you enter the building. Motorcycle enthusiasts, builders, enthusiasts and patrons make the trek to gaze over a cadre of custom sportbikes, baggers, choppers, drag bikes, vintage cycles and antiques of all makes from around the country. With the TMS attendance rising each year, Maryland State Fairgrounds housed over 45,000 showgoers over the 3-day bike festival.

2015 Timonium Motorcycle Show (2)New to the show this year was the “Travel, Touring & Adventure” exhibit which are key essentials to the lifestyle of motorcyclists. Many riders take their bikes on long road trips across the nation, riding along the open road and absorbing the beautiful sights the world has to offer. An added feature was the opportunity to interact with some of the most noted, interesting and passionate motorcycle adventurists such as Benka Pulko, Lisa & Simon Thomas, Lois Pryce, Rene Cormier, Allan Karl and many more.

In addition to the bikes, the show offered meet and greets with celebrities like American Thunder’s Michele Smith and World Speed Record Powered Street Luger Roland Morrison. Popular bike builder Brian Kundratic, from Kundratic Kustom Motorcycles, attended and displayed a few of his unique projects. As the art culture is becoming more of a driving force into everyday life, it was a special treat to see the renowned motorcycle artist David Uhl flaunting his work as well as curating live paintings. Guests were also indulged by the lovely sites of the International Bikini Team.

2015 Timonium Motorcycle Show (53)As you know, when Automotive Rhythms and Throttle Life enter the seen we never leave our fans and devotees empty handed. With the support of a few sponsors, the team was able to administer giveaways which left smiles on faces and manifested good vibes. Mothers supplied us with car care products geared to motorcycles, which proved to be a hit and eye opener while Shoe City donated swag bags complete with beanies, water bottles and coupons. A few Shoe City gift cards were also distributed as well as BOSE sport headphones.

Stay tuned for updates on the next installation. I can assure you it will be breathtaking. Enjoy the photo gallery.

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