2016 Crystal Black Silica Subaru STI by Kevin Lawrence: Blackout!


Kevin Lawrence’s 2016 Crystal Black Silica Subaru STI  turns light into darkness when he rips runways with his partner in crime.

The Legacy

On any given workday, you can catch Kevin Lawrence ripping his STI through California’s fanatical streets with style and grace. And by the looks of his photo genetic pics, you can claim that it’s lights out when the black on gold STI rolls through the block. But there is no need for entitlements or bragging rights. Lawrence explains that his ride didn’t need a superhero or blockbuster name, “it’s just my Subbie,” he humbly articulated.

The 26-year-old auto mechanic grew up with essential fluids running through his veins. “My dad was always into motorsports, so he purchased a 2006 Subaru WRX with a 20g turbo, all the fun stuff,” Lawrence stated. The Subaru’s mesmerizing sound and throttle response are what caused the addiction and ultimate love of WRXs for the young teen. “I told myself I had to have one of these cars,” he adds with enthusiasm.

The Ascent

Lawrence then begins to follow the success of Subaru Motorsports USA in rallycross; it’s a path that influenced him to the next level. The high-performance STI variant of the WRX is the best of the best and is what he always aspired to. Simply put, the Subbie aficionado needed to see STI on his steering wheel.

“I would have never looked into this vehicle if I didn’t know about Subaru’s racing history,” Lawrence explains. “To see the Legacy models win championships back in the day was amazing.”

With that, Lawrence began saving incessantly for the aspirational WRX STI. The goal was to secure a 2014 STI, but they were hard to come across. Eventually, he scored a clean 2016 Limited with the perfect packaging. “It’s to die for,” Kevin exclaims. To complete the dream story, his brother bought a 2018 STI with that superior wing but didn’t love it that much. However, Lawrence did, so they swapped trunks! Now both get to ride hand in hand like Travis Pastrana and Robbie Durant at the ARX Team Championships. How classic is that?

What’s Out Back

Since Lawrence is a mechanic, he saved a large amount of cash by doing all of the installs himself accept the rebuilt engine and tuning by NightMotorsport. While it’s conservatively set up with 330-horsepower to the wheels, the Stage 2 block is rated for 850-horsepower. “The customizations went smooth because the vision I wanted came to fruition over time, he confirms. “Since there are plenty of Subaru accessories in the aftermarket, I had plenty of options, although I’m going to start looking at more unique suppliers so I can be a bit different.”

Air Time

Because Lawrence’s STI is a daily on bags, he currently is going for efficiency and quality over power and numbers. Speaking of air suspensions, Lawrence grew up with kids who rocked coilovers and stayed away from fancy bags. “But then you get to the point where steep driveways or dips become a nuisance,” he explains. Quite naturally, he elevated the STI and now feels that there is nothing more refreshing than being able to comfortably ride out (without damage) and then airing the STI all the way out at destinations. “The quality of the drive is great, and the feeling is incredible,” Lawrence exclaims.

Future racing plans are on the horizon, but Lawrence is not sure when. For now, he’s going to continue enjoying the Cali scene, which is ripe with WRX and STI owners.

“The love for one another is genuine,” Lawrence proclaims. “If you’re not throwing the peace sign at another owner, then you’re not cool!”

Follow Kevin on Instagram @ItsKevinLawrence and @AutomotiveRhythms

2016 Subaru STI Mods


  • Rebuilt featuring Darton sleeves
  • Factory nitrate treated crank
  • Manley H-Tuff series rods and CP 100mm pistons
  • ARP head studs
  • Upgraded oiling components
  • Stock turbo and stock injectors produce 300/330-horsepower on a Mustang Dyno.


  • Factory headers and up-pipe
  • Tomei V2 Catless Downpipe
  • Invidia Q300

Engine Management

  • STI factory ECU
  • Pro-tuned by NightMotorsport
  • COBB Tuning platform

Transmission & Drivetrain

  • Stock transmission
  • stock clutch
  • stock axles
  • stock everything!


  • Airlift Performance struts
  • Airlift Performance V2 management system


  • StopTech racing pads
  • StopTech performance rotors


  • Custom spec-ed Enkei NT03RR next-generation matte rims


  • Federal SS595 rubber due to their stiffer sidewalls and slight stretching capability


  • Carbon Reproductions front lip
  • Seibon carbon fiber grille
  • Seibon carbon fiber mirror caps
  • SPT carbon fiber trunk garnish
  • Crystal Black Silica paint scheme







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